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fcbusiness Magazine 2016 Features List

Important Information about this forward features list

Thank you for interest in fcbusiness. Before you read about the features we have earmarked for 2016 it is vital to note that as a publication we are very fluid, just as the football industry is.

Things in football can change in a heart beat, we need to be able to have the flexibility to report on these happenings as you have to have similar flex in your own organisations.

Therefore, this features list should be viewed as a healthy guide to the topics that fcbusiness will include in 2016. If you have something to say now or something in the industry in which you operate comes to the fore do not hesitate in calling us. We want the most up to date stories, news, innovations in the magazine meaning you can get involved with us at any time, not just when your industry sector is earmarked.

This features list is however of bespoke design to also reflect key events, tournaments, annual gatherings and conferences that are both topic specific and generalist.

We look forward to working with you and your business in 2016.

The fcbusiness team.



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