Why Real Madrid makes me think of Simon Wicks

Real Madrid made me think about former Eastenders barman Simon Wicks this afternoon. Bet that’s the one and only time you read those words in a sentence.
Let me explain why. I was catching up on the interesting financial figures released by the Spanish giants which show that despite winning NO silverware last season, the club saw a 10 percent INCREASE in revenues and profit had rallied to £19.7million.
So failure on the pitch brought success off it. Or, in the words of the afforementioned TV lothario’s classic hit, Every Loser Wins.
It’s an equation which truly defies logic because we are all taught at football loving school that the big boys (e.g. Man Utd, Real, Barca) have the spending power they have now BECAUSE of their winning legacy and that failure leaves you in the financial quagmire.
Maybe this is evidence that a brand is more powerful than a trophy – although how long can that last?
Maybe the lunatics have taken over the asylum and it is more important to get the right players in your brand team than in your football team.
Poor old Simon Wicks’ football-loving sidekick, Lofty, would be turning in his grave!

Nick Berry, AKA Simon Wicks in Eastenders