Why Blackpool and PNE are Premier League

In the weeks where we’ve heard of bomb threats against Neil Lennon and fans jumping hoardings to confront him, you can absolutely be concerned that the heat in local derbies has just got out of hand.

That example of local hatred can also be backed up with other – less violent but equally damaging – confrontations in the recent past between Forest and Derby players and a couple of other derbies with arrests and coins being thrown. It just seems to me that local rivalries are getting too nasty and people are forgetting its just a game of football.

So, then, imagine my happiness when I see the unique, yet non-violent, ways that Blackpool fans are taunting Preston North End fans.

Flying banners over football grounds…even using the Countdown Conundrum to rub salt into the wounds. It was, of course, retalliation for the famous sign Preston fans put on the M55 as Seasiders headed to Wembley for their Play-off win.

No one in Lancashire’s been getting letter bombs, there’s been no violence on the streets. The most fruity it got was Phil Brown threatneing to shoot the planes down.

It is all a legion away from the nastiness we have seen in other local rivalries. Sure, I bet Preston fans are hurting and it’s not nice to be reminded of your woes. But PNE fans are strong enough and decent enough to know where the boundary is between banter and bombs. How many other fans know that difference?

For that reason, they should be promoted to the Premier League on a Fair Play ticket and Blackpool should retain their status for being so innovative!

Then we’d get the Lancashire Hot Pot back and everyone will be happy.

I am Buzzzzzzz-ing after that match

Wasps cause many injuries as UK football grounds
We should never laugh when someone is injured at a football match. But as I was doing my research for a safe standing article for the next issue of F.C. Business, I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle at some of the injuries people pick up when watching the beautiful game.

For example, did you know that 43 people were stung by a wasp at UK football grounds last year?! I’m not able to tell you if that was down to one swarm of wasps or 43 separate attacks. But I find it amazing that it is the 10th biggest reason why people are injured at UK football matches.

I mean, it’s too cold for wasps for most of the season – so there must have been an influx of the blighters at the start and end of the season. The moral is – take your Raid spray with you to every game.

Oh, no, hold on….you can’t take aerosols into football grounds!

Are our clubs leaving their fans vulnerable to unnecessary injury? Should Claims Direct or Injury Lawyers 4 U be swarming around football grounds looking for people with sore arms?!

Maybe Rentokil should sponsor all summer soccer games and hand out free lemon-scented candles to ward away the flighty characters?

In other silly injury news. Did you know a 108 people were hit by a football in a stadium last year? I can totally sympathise with this and I was probably on this statistics list in season 2007/2008 when a Michael Chopra slice connected with the perspex on the press box at the old Ninian Park and smashed it while I was reporting live on the game for BBC1 Final Score.

They never replaced the perspex as they were about to move into the new stadium. However, I would like to think that it was left broken as a monument to me – a sort of Blue Plaque to mark my place on the list of the UK football injured.

Wasp victims and those bruised by sphercial leather   -British football salutes you!

You can see the full injury statistics here http://www.flaweb.org.uk/docs/injstat.php