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Let me give you a short introduction on what we do at allaboutballerz.com.


We are a platform for footballers (Ballerz) to showcase their talents; a place to upload video clips of yourself or others, a platform for you to be seen by all. It’s also a place for managers, clubs, scouts to find fresh new talents or experienced players. Helping everyone in football, at all levels from the Grassroots to the World Cup!

We are pleased to announce It is our one year anniversary this month! And what a year it has been.

Let us start this Blog/Newsletter with a massive THANK YOU! You are all valid members of my ever growing mailing list. So thank you for showing your support and taking the time to read my emails.


It has been the busiest month by far for the website which is fantastic as we are celebrating our Birthday Month. We forecast that next month would be the busiest in terms of clubs and players looking at the website. The clubs need players and players to get noticed so the website is a great tool for both. Also agents and scouts are starting to look for last minute deals which they gain from our site.

We have had around 35,000 hits on to the website between June 12th & July 12th – for a new football website this is huge and again THANKS for the people that read this because you had something to do with this too.

Footballer Uploads this month have trebled as players look to spread the word of their release to the football industry.

When a footballer uploads his clips to the website we at HQ will show his clips around all my contacts but the football industry and I will personally watch the clips and then this gives me an idea on where to market this player.

Nearly 90% of the Ballerz that have loaded have had interest from different clubs up and down the Football league pyramid in the UK and aboard.

Teams such as Charlton Athletic in the Championship have taken a player from the system while many other football teams have been using the site all season – these are teams such as;

Notts County, Tamworth, Crawley Town, Grimsby Town, Bohemian fc (Ireland), Blooming FC ( Bolivia ), Sheffield FC, Southport, Barrow, Airbus( Wales) ,Hayes and Yeading, Margate, Chester youth, Witton Albion, the list goes on.


This month 6 of our Ex scholars from English Clubs have uploaded to the website and been picked up by clubs.

This is a massive pat on the back for the website it’s important that these Ballerz do not give up hope and just finish like the statistics suggest (picture right).

All have had interest and one turned down a chance with a Championship club to pursue his Education.



After joining up with fcbusiness.co.uk by advertising with them for the whole season. With the football industry getting bigger and bigger. We at allaboutballerz.com are looking to expand our Brand into new and exciting areas of football. We are all about helping the football industry in varies different ways. So if you like the look of my business and think we can help each other out alone the way. Please get in touch for a chat about football and the industry we work in. My honest views and thoughts.







Kind Regards

Guy Branston - Founder of allaboutballerz Ltd



Social League Tables Review – July 2013

Here we are again – that pre-season period of excitement and expectation, full of hope and wonder for what the forthcoming season will bring.

The fixtures are out. The transfer window is open. Pre-season training is well on its way, and clubs have embarked on their customary pre-season tours.

As part of our own pre-season preparations, we’ve taken a look at the current social media position across the professional game to see where we are before the cut-and-thrust of the season really starts. All of the figures have been collated between 1st July and 12th July, and the tables reflect last season’s promotions and relegations.


Premier League

Pre-season tours provide a great platform for clubs to expand their brand to all parts of the globe, and in the Premier League, Man Utd chose the start of their pre-season tour of the Far East to finally launch their Official Twitter page, @ManUtd.

United had plenty of content prepared for the launch of their Twitter feed, including iconic imagery of Bobby Charlton, George Best and Dennis Law, behind the scenes photography, artwork of David Moyes and infographics. Interestingly, United are also ensuring all of their official content is adorned with the words ‘Designed by Manchester United, Old Trafford’.

Premier League Social Table - click on image to view

Premier League Social Table – click on image to view

A rise to over 450,000 followers within 5 days at time of writing, as word spreads there’s no doubt United will be challenging at the top of the ‘Followers’ league soon. However, at time of writing no fan-interaction had taken place, and so it will be interesting to watch how the team deal with this in the future.

Looking elsewhere, Liverpool have launched a series of language specific Twitter pages as they work to make their content as accessible as possible to all areas of the globe. Our Follow figures only take into account the Wordwide account at the moment, but 15 official local language accounts have been launched in languages as diverse as French, Spanish, Greek, Thai and Arabic.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Premier League new-boys Cardiff City, Crystal Palace and Hull City are currently at the bottom of the Twitter League – but we expect to see massive growth here in the coming months. Hull’s Facebook activity already sees them with more ‘Likes’ than premier league stalwarts Stoke City and WBA.

Beyond the ‘Like’, it appears that very few clubs are taking full advantage of Facebook features such as ‘Were here’. The location sharing metric counts how many users checked in, added a status from a location or tagged a photo of a location. Chelsea and Liverpool fans are the biggest users on Facebook, while some clubs such as Man Utd currently choose to activate this feature on FourSquare. It will be interesting to see how this changes through the season as social media tactics become more evolved.



QPR dominate both the Facebook and Twitter Championship tables in terms of pure ‘follows’, but is only followed by its ex-Premier League colleagues of Reading and Wigan in the Twitter tables.

Championship Social Media League Table - click on image to view

Championship Social Media League Table – click on image to view

On Facebook, clubs that have been active on the platform for sometime are able to mix it up with Reading and Wigan, with Bolton Wanderers, Middlesbrough and Blackburn Rovers attracting more audience than Reading, and Wigan down in 10th.

Championship new-boys, Yeovil Town, are at the bottom of both tables by some distance. However, given this is the first time Yeovil have achieved Championship status, be sure to see their following grow over the coming weeks.

The Championship is a heady-mix of sleeping giants and exciting new-comers, and perhaps most surprising is the relatively low following of a club of such standing as Leeds United. Undoubtedly a giant of the game, albeit rebuilding after financial ruin, they hover around in mid-table for both Likes and Followers.


League 1

League One Social League Table - click on image to view

League One Social League Table – click on image to view

The League 1 tables is tighter for the most part than its Premier League and Championship counterparts, but is skewed by the massive following of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Wolves fans will be hoping that they will also be top of the real league table at the end of the season for a swift return to the Championship.

When considering how the clubs follower figures  are effected by unexpected club success, look no further than Bradford City. Their surprise appearance in last years Capital One Cup final boosted their social media figures massively, and the newly promoted Bantam’s find themselves in the upper-echelons of follower numbers on both main platforms.

Also performing well given their relatively smaller size are clubs such as Brentford and Notts County. Both appear in the top 10 in terms of followers on Facebook and Twitter, and both have competition for local fans from (arguably) more illustrious neighbours such as Nottingham Forest, Derby County, Chelsea, QPR and Fulham.


League 2

League Two Social League Table - click on image to view

League Two Social League Table – click on image to view

The eternal love that resides for a football club can be seen clearly in the follower figures for League 2.

Portsmouth, despite their well documented problems, dominate the league as fans continue to follow them.  They are followed by the amazing success story that is AFC Wimbledon. AFC Wimbledon’s follower numbers are far in excess of the club that was its predecessor, MK Dons. And given the clubs only recent history and still relative new-ness to the football league, the interest is testament to the passion and commitment fans have for a club – new or old.

Looking at the newcomers to League 2, the stand-out performer is Newport County. Promoted via the Conference Play-Off’s, Newport’s is another magnificent story of rising from the ashes. The clubs follower figures are very healthy and places them far in excess of some more established Football League clubs.


2013 – 2014 Season – Trends to watch for

With a new season upon us, here are some trends that we think will become more prevalent as the season develops:

  • Clubs will look to start encouraging fans to ‘check in’ when they visit their stadium
  • Clubs will start to experiment with Google Plus and develop tactics for communicating to fans through this still young platform
  • Use of visual-content based platforms such as Instagram and Vine will increase, with each also feeding into established platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Clubs will look more beyond the like and look at other metrics of success
  • Clubs will look for interactive engagement techniques such as gamification to incentivise and reward fans

Aaron Syed Jaffery – NineteenEightyFour


Away Fans Matter!

The Football Supporters’ Federation urged travelling fans to share their experiences of away fixtures as part of their ‘Away Fans Matter’ campaign.

Speaking at the Supporters Summit 2013 at St George’s Park, Martin O’Hara, Deputy Chair of the FSF, outlined the main points of the campaign aiming to improve treatment of away supporters.


The Away Fans Feedback Project is an online survey designed to gather fans’ views – good and bad –about their experiences at away grounds throughout the season.

It allows the FSF to produce statistically valid examples of fan experiences, which is used to create a league table of Premier League and Football League clubs based on how satisfying a trip there is.

Clubs can then be urged to improve their treatment of away fans based on the statistics, and compared from season to season.

Over 2000 fans took the survey during the 2012/13 season, and it is hoped even more will sign up next season when it is opened up to the Conference.

Mr O’Hara said: “Away fans make our game unique. They’re the ones that create atmosphere, but they are declining. Last season they were 9% down on the season before.

“Away fans will travel for all kind of reasons, but not always just for the result. These reasons are how we encourage fans and improve atmosphere.”

In addition to the survey, the FSF will be aiming to produce a Good Ground Guide to inform fans of which clubs’ grounds are safe, reasonably priced and respectful of travel arrangements for visiting supporters.

Mr O’Hara also linked the ‘Away Fans Matter’ campaign to their ‘Twenty’s Plenty for Away Tickets’ online petition.

Almost 10,000 people have signed the petition calling for a £20 cap on away ticket prices, which when completed is automatically emailed to both the fan’s respective club and their league.

The ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign supported a protest march about ticket prices outside the Premier League’s HQ on 19 June, and Mr O’Hara was confident that sustained fan pressure can yield results.

He cited the example in Germany as proof, and introduced guest speaker Martin Endemann from Football Supporters Europe.

Mr Endemann explained how the ‘Kein Zwanni’ campaign has been successful in reducing away ticket prices from around €20 to €13 in the Bundesliga.

The German campaign involved observed boycotts of local derbies, including the high profile fixture between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04.

Mr Endemann said: “This made it clear that clubs will eventually lose money. Three clubs removed categorisation in tickets due to pressure, and this will hopefully lead to other fans questioning ticketing policy at their club.”

For more information, please see the FSF Away Fans Matter campaign page here.

Written by: David Ralph

Follow on Twitter: @DavidJRalph