Loyalty & Rewards – A Bright Idea For Sports

Loyalty and rewards are among a handful of buzz words on top of the sports marketers agenda right now. In our experience, loyalty has become the attractive front end of a CRM project.

One that’s showing some decent results. (Read our blog on loyalty becoming the sexy side of CRM here).

In other sectors, loyalty has become a proven concept. Fact. And it’s got the backing of marketing teams, with 65% of marketers saying that loyalty programme investments are essential. It’s easy to see why they say this, with customer spending shown to be 46% higher with companies that have a loyalty programme in place and the average person belonging to 7.4 different schemes.

People love collecting points and they want some reciprocation for their interactions with a brand. Get the incentives wrong however and people will switch off to the idea as quickly as they switched on.

In sport, we have a greater opportunity to truly engage with our audience and a hunger for consumption of experiences, both that money can and can’t already buy. We’ve already seen some successful implementations of rewards base programmes in sport, particularly in North America, and we think that it’s something that should be further utilised.

It’s a hot topic, and one that we’ve talked about a fair amount in recent months, but for good reason. Any tool that helps you to get greater buy in from both staff and fans is surely worth giving some serious consideration.

Take a look at the infographic below for the full run down of loyalty in sport.


Is Performance Related Pay the Way Forward?

Football finances are under more scrutiny than ever before as clubs across Europe get to grips with the UEFA Financial Fair Play rulings.

UEFA FFP phasing began in 2011 and it is only now that the full implications are being felt across Europe.

Earlier this month the FFP regulations finally made an impact on the transfer window as clubs accept they can only invest what they have generated in revenue.

Real Madrid (€113m), FC Barcelona (€79m), Atletico Madrid (€77m), Chelsea (€94), Liverpool (€92m) and Manchester City (€62.2m) all recouped record figures for player income in figures released by The Soccerex Transfer Review by Prime Time Sport.

This in turn allowed for a record level of expenditure by FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea and Liverpool.

But according to Luke de Rougemount, Director of sports specialist insurance providers Hedgehog Risk Solutions, it is player bonus schemes that are likely to see the biggest investment in the future.

He commented; “We have received a huge increase in interest regarding the cover of player bonuses across Europe during the winter transfer window.

“As clubs aim to cut there wage bills to meet Financial Fair Play Regulations one way to achieve this is by offering performance related pay which can in turn be offset by a risk management programme.”

It has been widely reported that more commercial deals are following this pattern with Manchester United’s new kit deal with adidas subject to a 30% decrease should they fail to make the Champions League for two consecutive seasons.

The 10 year deal also includes a £4m bonus should they win the Premier League, FA Cup or the Champions League during the contract period.

It is a trend that Mr de Rougemont expects to continue across the game, he said; “The landscape is changing rapidly due to the implications of the Financial Fair Play and I am expecting to see a large increase in performance related contracts.

“We have worked closely on a number of projects to make sure this is a viable option for clubs, sponsors and suppliers.”

For more information regarding services provided by Hedgehog Risk Solutions go to www.hedgehogrisk.com

Professional players ARE human after all – Relocating is not a fun game

Yep it is that time of the year again. When the media is flooded with the latest news of this player moving from this Club to the other, this Club making the multimillion pound offer to the one abroad, the fancy new house this player has recently acquired,…,

I don’t recall I have ever seen among all those numbers, details and fancy stuff anyone saying on the news:

“Oh poor them what a life moving from one country to the other, dragging family along, not understanding the cultural change, the social cues, dealing with the massive pressure the Club and the fans are putting on this new player”

A professional player is a human being after all, right? Yep, some of them look like something out of this world, they do incredible things but they all struggle as much as any other professional relocating through work. Especially when partners and families are moved around too and these don’t have the right support from the very beginning of the process.










This is what we have approached in our latest article in the special Relocation issue at FC Business Magazine. If you want to read all about it just follow the link SecurelyBe is on page 24: http://www.fcbusiness.co.uk/eversion/fc79/index.html

Premier League to League Two, the coach, the physio,…, anyone involved in a relocation will need and should have the extra support to be able to “hit the ground working”, as well as being able to thrive during the transition.

Then and there is where SecurelyBe is the right partner. Before, during and long after your arrival.

Welcome to England!


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