Who are the Social Media winners after the Deadline Day Frenzy?

With signings happening left, right and centre, social media conversation for September was through the roof – fans posted, tweeted, retweeted and engaged on possibly the single most busy social media day in the footballing calendar.

Gareth Bale’s £85.3million move to Real Madrid was confirmed on Twitter, and became the most talked about transfer with 8.4million mentions.

Club media teams ordered pizza and worked through the night to bring the latest developments to their eager fans – and as the anticipation built, Jim White got ever closer to an annual cardiac arrest.

In this month’s review of social media across the English leagues, we take a look at how transfer deadline day has impacted the social tables.

Premier League

The number of users talking about Arsenal on Facebook increased a huge 222% owed to the buzz surrounding the record breaking signing of Ozil. On twitter, Mesut Ozil received 4.3million mentions, and a sarcastic #IfOzilSignsForArsenaliWill was trending. Also, Stoke City experienced a similar Facebook talk increase at 210%, due to their signing of Marko Arnautovic.

Crystal Palace’s Facebook likes increased by a whopping 67%, and Hull City also saw exceptional Facebook like growth at 47%. Both of which can be attributed to them posting rich content more frequently.

On Twitter, Manchester United’s rapidly expanding fan base shows no sign of slowing down, with followers having increased a huge 91% – allowing United to overtake rival Manchester City in the Twitter Social Premier League for the first time.

And as brought to our attention by head of Twitter UK, Lewis Wiltshire, “For the first time in memory, @Arsenal are not the most-followed @premierleague club on Twitter. It’s now @chelseafc. “

Despite individual efforts, the Facebook Social Premier League table looks much the same as last month, with the top 10 at a standstill. Hull City is the only club to have moved more than one position up the league, progressing from 16th to 14th place.



In the championship Burnley managed to more than double its Facebook fans, growing 156% in a single month! And experienced a monumental 967% increase in people talking about them on Facebook. A competition to win a signed program proved a particular hit with fans, getting nearly 800 Facebook shares. Burnley’s success has followed a great previous month, more than likely reflecting their top of the league position. And if it continues, Burley will soon be racing up the social championship league.

Leeds United also did well, growing its Facebook likes by 48%.

And Derby County, Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn Rovers all experienced a Facebook talk increase of over 200%. With the appointment Derby’s new manager, Steve McLaren, undeniably boosting its figures.

However, the Twitter Social Championship remains steady, with Twitter follower increase for all clubs hovering around the average 8% mark.


League 1

Crawley Town are the League 1 social champions this month with the number of people talking about them on Facebook having increased 913%.

Leyton Orient did well in terms of Facebook talk, with a 368% increase on last month, and also did better than average on Twitter, with a 17% follower increase. All of which could be attributed to its incredible start to the season, having won eight consecutive games.

5_L1_FB 6_L1_TW

League 2

The figures for League 2 have remained stable, with Morecambe the only club making a considerable improvement on its previous social month, with a 35% Twitter follower increase.

7_L2_FB 8_L2_TW 

Aaron Syed Jaffery (@aaronjaffery) is Managing Partner of NineteenEightyFour (nineteeneightyfour.co), a digital consultancy for brands in sport and entertainment.

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