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“When you look back at all the British football players who have been successful playing abroad, it is the ones who have got themselves into the culture, learnt the language, and made their life enjoyable. Throw your heart and soul into it and more than anything learn the language, because I think if you can be happy and communicate off the pitch that will reflect in your football and how things go on the pitch.” Gary Lineker, September 1st , 2013, interview for BBC


At LinguaTracks we also believe communication is crucial for the success of a football team. With the ever expanding foreign influence on the UK game we are extremely aware of the need to integrate the players, staff and their families into their new surroundings as efficiently and smoothly as possible.


The margins between success and failure in football are very fine. A player and his family that adapts quickly to a new language, culture and surroundings will become an immediate asset to their club. These in turn can only aid and increase immediate performance levels. We want to help you maximise the potential of your staff immediately.

ba7af65355c46ab08675812aa29ef943We sometimes take it for granted that, being immersed in the language, foreign players are going to acquire English and that they do not need support. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The problem with communication in the modern game is apparent. Following the comments and articles concerning sports in general we have notice a rising number of issues on the basic level of communication. This issue directly influences the quality of the game and therefore, the performance of players. To exemplify this we have found numerous articles expressing difficulties they have experienced.


Paolo Di Canio: ¨Every session you can see that everything is going OK, then when we practise something, there’s a misunderstanding. A British player says: ‘You squeeze up,’ and the French player or the Italian can’t understand. I stop the session.¨ Source: The Guardian, The Guardian article about Paolo Di Canio

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Harry Redknapp “It’s a crazy situation. We’ve got three people who can’t speak English. What is the good when you have got people and you cannot even tell them what to do?” Source: BBC Sport: BBC Sport article about Harry Redknapp

This is the reason we have decided to step in and solve this ever-expanding problem for football clubs.

LinguaTracks is a dynamic and fast growing provider of language training to clients across a broad range of industries. We specialize in maximizing results and clearly demonstrating fast and efficient improvement in communication skills. After achieving significant recognition for our services across Europe, we have now created a dynamic and bespoke set of courses aimed entirely at teams in the Premiership and across the football league. There is too much football talent being hindered just because of language barriers, we are here to break them!

We know that communication is a crucial part of teamwork and achieving objectives together. The courses will focus on improving players language skills on and off the pitch. This ranges from on pitch colloquialisms, to interview techniques and every day interactions.

We have established our own unique Sport and Cultural integration Methodology. Its main principles focus on immediate immersion and effective usage of the target language on and off the pitch.

We feel that the future of British football is to have an experienced language company you can trust to provide your linguistic training. The course has been created in collaboration with a former FC Barcelona language training provider, who has taken part in the creation of the project. We understand that all footballers and clubs have their own unique history, which must be respected and we are able to adapt our courses to the needs of our clients.

The main rules we follow are:

- We believe that that it is essential to start with the basics and make the player acquire the one hundred most often used football language terms.
- Later on we integrate real-life materials from the clubs history to make the students feel welcome and ¨at home¨ playing for the new team. This will help him build a rapport with fans.
- We will help the player develop off-pitch communication skills, which will help him settle into the new culture.
- We will introduce on-pitch colloquial language and help the player understand what is required of him

If you think this issue concerns you and your club, do not hesitate to contact us!




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