Bluebirds Are Happiest At Home


That similar pop-up attitude to delivery is being rolled out in China, where instead of building a soccer school to build a fan base, the club has brought over seven coaches to help the Beijing FA to deliver low-level sports training and nutrition education to schools.



In Vincent Tan’s home country of Malaysia, the club is selling a special Bluebirds slush drink with the chance of winning a trip to come and see Cardiff play in the Premier League. “Some kids in our country would never get the chance to visit the UK, let alone see a game live. Our owner is always saying, use our work with this club to give kids in our country experiences they would never have.”


So, what about development on the pitch?


Agents may need to look away now if they see Cardiff as a potential cash cow.


“At the end of the day, we will never have £50 million or a £100 million to spend on a striker, but the team makes up for that by making do with what they have. They don’t complain or bitch about it, they don’t say ‘the owner needs to buy us another striker’,” says Ken.


“Last season was quite a miracle for us. The odds on us getting promoted were something like 33/1. But the players were so tight and great at working together.


“Our captain would come and knock on my door and say “Ken, I’m gonna come and get a [promotion bonus] cheque from you at the end of the get it ready for me!” So, I wrote out the cheques and showed it to the players during the course of the season so they knew we believed in them too.


“We are new in the Premier League and we want to take it one step at a time. The boys on the pitch never give up. Never lose hope. They know if they try they won’t get a bollocking, because you did try.”


And everyone seems settled in South Wales. Manager, Neil Warnock is a regular attendee at fan forums in the valleys and is often seen walking along the local beaches during his
time off.


The locals have taken to him as one of their own and, when you add this to the performances if not the results, there does not seem to be the sense of anger or panic you would have normally picked up on in the tea bars of the Cardiff City Stadium in the past. There is a part of you that thinks fans wouldn’t worry so much if Cardiff went back down. People are enjoying the ride with smiles on their faces, much like the one that greeted me when Ken Choo spoke about that Fulham win.