Moore The Merrier

Despite the club’s rich pedigree, that will be no mean feat. After all, hidden under the blanket of euphoria surrounding their Champions League progress, this is the first time the club has appeared in the final of the competition for 11 years.


Moore concurs: “The stakes in the world of football business couldn’t be higher. We are proud of our heritage, our five European Cups, but it has been 13 years since our last one.



“We need our heritage to be matched by our financial robustness and performance on the pitch. That perfect storm is coming together now. Reaching the Champions League final in Kiev firmly cements us back where we belong.


“That is important when we are talking to commercial partners, important for the pride of the people living in the city and for our fans everywhere, and for our ability to carry out the work that we do in the community.


“Building a platform to allow us to compete with the best in the world is critical. The financial robustness is essential; to allow us to invest in the players the manager believes will help us cement this position for many years to come, to give him the tools he needs.”



Born and raised on Scotland Road, just a stone’s throw from Anfield, 63 year old Moore, arrived at the club last June, replacing the long-serving Ian Ayre. Before his arrival, he spent 38 years away from the UK and 50 years away from Liverpool, with his work taking him to the US.


With vast experience from a raft of leading-edge companies and sectors under his belt, including Reebok, EA Sports and Sega, Moore’s enthusiasm for the club is obvious.


“Coming to the club has been wonderful for me on a personal level and something I thought would never happen,” he says.


“I am lucky to have come in to an incredibly talented team that has this emotional passion for the club and everything we need to drive forward on behalf of the millions of fans of the club across the world.


“What I bring is a different – but not better – view, having worked in Silicon Valley. I have experience of building out platforms and technology to interact with fans. I can see that having done that, and with what we need to continue to do at Liverpool Football Club, it is eerily similar.


“Engage with the fans on a global basis, do it daily, make them feel part of the family and decisions; bring them inside the tent on everything you do. Don’t have a sense of elitism or a closed-door mentality – we need everyone pulling in the same direction which is where we need to be.”


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