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Sheffield United Unveils Plans To Launch A New Blades Prepaid Card

Tue 16th Mar 2010 | Money & Finance

Sheffield United have announced exciting plans to introduce a Blades Prepaid Card, which will give supporters a modern alternative to cash, credit and debit cards. The Prepaid Card will be launched in three months time, in conjunction with Yes! Money, the European prepaid card operator.

The Blades Prepaid Card will offer fans a new credit crunch budgeting tool, as it has all the functions of a Visa card but with no interest charges, no overdraft fees, no bank account required and no credit checks. You simply load spending money onto the card and the temptation of overspending can be left at home.

The card will be accepted wherever you see a Visa sign, which equates to 25 million outlets worldwide and 1.2 million ATM’s. Supporters obtaining a Blades Prepaid Card will also qualify for exclusive club discounts and a chance to win once-in-a-lifetime competition prizes.

Loading the Blades Prepaid Card will be as easy as topping up a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. You can load credit via the Sheffield United shop, at the bank, by standing order or online. The important safeguard is that the Blades Prepaid Card will only let you spend what you load on the card.

This is a considered way of being more careful on how you spend your money. As well as being a good way of budgeting sensibly, it is a safe and secure way to shop on the high street or online thanks to the free fraud prevention service.

Two card types will be available, including one for 12-18 year-olds and a second for people aged 18 or over. So, whether you are a parent teaching children how to manage their money carefully, or an individual who would benefit from this useful budgeting tool, the Blades Prepaid Card is the perfect option.

The Blades Prepaid Card will also benefit local businesses. The cards are becoming very popular with employers as a cost-effective and secure way of distributing expenses, incentives and salaries to staff. For business travel, prepaid cards also offer a safer alternative to cash or travellers cheques.

Mike Farnan, Sheffield United Executive Director overseeing the introduction of the Blades Prepaid Card, said: “Sheffield United have decided to introduce the Blades Prepaid Card as we see this as providing a worthy service to our fans in today’s economic climate. It also provides the club with a great platform to interact with our fan base, offering exclusive Blades discounts and money can’t buy prizes.

“Prepaid cards are one of the fastest growing financial products in the UK and the benefits are equally relevant to our supporters and business customers. We will be launching the scheme in three months time and the Blades Prepaid Card will be one of the best deals on the market.”

Sheffield United will be launching a website dedicated to the Blades Prepaid Card. Details about the site will be announced on www.sufc.co.uk.

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