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Premier League Clubs Top Social Responsibility Ranking

Thu 14th Jun 2012 | Football Stadiums & Facilities

When it comes to social responsibility England’s Premier League clubs are ahead of their European rivals a new study has found.

Research conducted by Responsiball, the social responsibility platform for football clubs using guidelines from widely recognised social responsibility frameworks placed Premier League clubs top in Community and Governance rankings.

The study used indicators covering issues such as Health and Safety, Ticketing, Fan Work, Coaching, Procurement, and Biodiversity which fall under the three main social responsibility topic areas of Governance, Community, and Environment.

Daniel Cade, Project Manager at Responsiball said: “We are using the ranking as an exercise to raise the profile of social responsibility at football clubs across the world.

“We're also going to use this data to create a tool that will enable clubs to conduct a self-assessment using the social responsibility indicators from this research and benchmark against the collective scores of other clubs.”

The ranking was compiled mainly by researchers currently studying on the FIFA Master and AISTS sport masters degree programmes. They analysed the websites of every club in the top division of the 16 European football leagues – nearly 270 clubs – comparing the available information for each club with social responsibility indicators, and calculating the average for each league.

Daniel added:Our intention is that both of these outcomes will work towards Responsiball's overarching goal of supporting the progress of social responsibility at football clubs.”

The study also reveals that there is huge potential for development in social responsibility at football clubs right across the continent, with league averages all lower than 50 per cent, and, of the three main social responsibility topics covered, Environment is the one that still generates the least attention from clubs on the whole - and is largely responsible for lowering those league averages.
Manchester United’s official website includes its commitment to social responsibility stating: ‘Manchester United is committed to informing all of its stakeholders about how it's performing in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Club works towards self-imposed targets whilst also aspiring to achieve independently recognised standards. The Club aims to be clear about its priorities and aspirations, open and balanced about its position and honest about the challenges it faces.’

Overall rankings for 2012

1 - Premier League (England)
2 - Ekstraklasa (Poland)
3 - Bundesliga (Germany)
4 - Eredivisie (Netherlands)
5 - Allsvenskan (Sweden)
6 - La Liga (Spain)
7 - Super League (Greece)
8 - Premier League (Russia)
9 - Premier League (Ukraine)
10 - Ligue 1 (France)
11 - Superliga (Denmark)
12 - Primeira Liga (Portugal)
13 - Serie A (Italy)
14 - Football Liga (Czech Republic)
15 - Premier Division (Republic of Ireland)
16 - First League (Croatia)

More information on that can be found here: http://community.responsiball.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=356&Itemid=102

Images copyright of Schwery Consulting.

Posted by: Aaron Gourley

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