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TALENT Ticketing Hat Trick for Bradford City FC at Wembley Final

Thu 18th Apr 2013 | IT & Technology

Bradford City FC’s Carling Cup Final at Wembley resulted in more than 60% of its supporters going online to purchase tickets for the Final.

With its fans traditionally buying tickets from the box office in person or via the telephone, the club anticipated the huge surge in demand for tickets that this opportunity would generate and incentivised loyal fans and season ticket holders to go online with priority tickets available using TALENT Sport, its integrated ticketing and CRM solution. 

Bradford City FC was able to maintain control of the ticketing process and maximise revenue opportunities, whilst providing its fans with a great online experience when choosing seats and buying tickets. The club saw a large spike in additional revenue from the game, putting them in a strong commercial position for next season.

In addition, its own supporter database grew by over 8,000 which will become the basis for building its fan engagement strategy, using data from TALENT Sport to build customer profiles and new tailored marketing communications. The club now plans to identify new commercial opportunities such as promoting its Coral Windows Stadium as a venue for entertainment events.

With a specific cup page developed on its website, Bradford City fans benefitted from being able to select their seat at Wembley in advance, using TALENT Sport’s Wembley Stadium ‘seat selection’ and ‘view from area’ functionality which offers a clearly defined view of the stadium from their seat of choice before they commit to their purchase.

The club was able to reward fan loyalty by offering priority tickets to season ticket holders and supporters who’d attended previous cup games. In addition, during peak demand for tickets, TALENT Sport’s online queue functionality kicked in automatically so that fans knew how long they might have to wait as well as ensure that queue jumping was avoided. As soon as demand fell, the queueing system switched off meaning no downtime for the system.

“For clubs like us to get to Wembley and be able to encourage our fans to go online and enjoy an online ticketing experience was great,” said Mick Lamb Ticketing Manager at Bradford City FC.

“During the round leading up to the final, we saw a steady increase from 3.3% of tickets purchased online right up to over 60% for the final at Wembley, where we sold over 30,000 tickets. The purchasing process for fans was excellent – simple, straightforward and fast, even during high demand, and we had full confidence that TALENT Sport was fully robust to cope with the pressure, making it easy for us to manage.

“As a business, the financial implications are significant. We can now plan ahead to the next season with confidence. We also have a significantly bigger customer database within the TALENT Sport system which we can use to develop tailored customer profiles; we intend to use this as the basis for our fan engagement plans.

“If we can convert a fair percentage of these to become club member or season ticket holders, the ongoing revenue opportunity will change the way we can manage the club. We also have plans to market the stadium as a venue for musicians and entertainment acts to perform.”

Mark Dewell, Managing Director at IRIS Ticketing, added: “TALENT Sport is renowned as a safe and reliable system that can easily handle the opportunity of increased traffic that playoffs and cup competitions offer. Even when there is restricted availability driving peaks of demand, the system offers fans the best experience online and ensures there’s no downtime for clubs.

“This functionality has been used many times before, such as by both Everton and Liverpool at last year’s FA Cup Semi-final meeting and Sheffield United for their appearance at last year’s League 1 Play Off Final. More traditional football supporters sometimes need to be persuaded to go online but once they’ve experienced how fast and simple the process is, the feedback we get is very positive. The club can use this resulting data for building its fan relationship management strategy to reward loyalty and encourage attendance.”

Posted by: Aaron Gourley

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