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Aldershot Town Left in Disarray as CEO Steps Down

Wed 1st May 2013 | Football Club Administration

Andrew Mills has resigned from his position as CEO of troubled club Aldershot Town with immediate effect.

In a statement released by the club, Andrew claimed his position had become untenable following the recent actions of club owner Kris Machala.

“It is with great regret that following the recent actions and subsequent lack of communication from the Club owner and major Shareholder Mr. Kris Machala, I hereby tender my resignation with immediate effect,” read a hard hitting statement from Mills.

Aldershot, who are on the verge of administration having failed to pay their players’ wages following relegation from the Football League have desperately sought to restructure their finances. But Mills believes Machala’s self interest is harming attempts.

“Despite all the hard work and effort of all those at The Football Club, Chairman Mr. Shahid Azeem, Directors Tony Knights, John Leppard and Staff who have been committed to finding a solution to secure the long term future of the football club, Mr. Machala continues to block all and any such attempts.

“I find myself in the untenable position of receiving no instruction advice or communication as to the alternative plan of Mr. Machala or that of the new Directors that he has recently attempted to appoint to the Board whilst I have absolutely no faith in his intentions to put the club’s future above that of his own personal investment.

“I am now being asked to make assurances and promises to Players, staff and company creditors who remain unpaid that I simply have no authority to either confirm nor have any evidence to believe.

“Every effort has been made over the past few weeks to draft a business plan and drastically reduced budget that would allow the football Club to continue to trade through the future on a break-even budget but I remain seriously concerned about the immediate solvency of the business and recent public assurances of Mr. Machala to fund the business through the transition period without any evidence of the ability to do so.

“However, I remain committed to assisting the Club in the event of a successful transition to Mr. Azeem and the existing Directors or an alternative plan that safe guards the future of all those genuinely invested in it’s long term future and if requested would and will make myself available to attend any meeting to discuss my opinion as to how and why we are in the current position.

“I would like to place on record my gratitude and thanks for the support of Chairman Mr. Azeem, Directors Tony Knights and John Leppard, the players and all those staff whose conduct has been beyond reproach during my short time at the football club. They and the supporters have deserved far better from the club both on and off the field and I truly hope there is a happy ending to the current ridiculous situation before there is no longer a club to save.”


Posted by: Aaron Gourley

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