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Dunfermline Fansí Group Urges Anonymous Bidder To Make Itself Known

Fri 21st Jun 2013 | Clubs Ownership

Dunfermline Athletic supporter group, The Pars Supporters’ Trust has called for the mystery second bidder to buy their club to reveal itself to alleviate growing concerns of the club’s supporters.

Fears about who the second bidder is and their interest in the club and East End Park are rising amongst Pars fans with concerns that it may be impacting on the ‘BuyThePars’ campaign and on sales of season tickets, an income stream critical to the club as it plans for next season.

Drew Main from The Pars Supporters’ Trust said: “The apparent desire of those behind the second offer to the club’s Administrator to remain anonymous is a mystery and is causing not just consternation but also causing increasing concern amongst the wider fan group.

“Many people are asking us why those behind the second bid are continuing to remain anonymous and we are unable to answer that question. 

“It would certainly seem obvious to everyone who has been fully behind the supporters’ efforts to firstly save the Pars, right through to the amazing efforts to be close to a position to buy the Pars, that these people need to show their faces and explain what their plans are for our club.

“The longer those names remains a secret the more that fans become suspicious and that is simply not good enough as everyone is working so hard to save the club we all love. 

“The simple truth is that the fans have come so far and put so much into fixing the mess left behind by the previous owners that any bid without the full backing of the Pars fans is going to find it difficult to succeed.

“These concerns could lead to fans stopping buying season tickets because they are worried about who the second bid might be coming from, which could become the case very soon.  We desperately need to avoid that happening.

“Right now anyone with the future of the club at heart needs to come together instead of working separately.  We firmly believe that whoever is behind the second bid needs to come out now and tell the fans who they are and what their motivation is behind their interest, and if that means working with the fans then we need to hear about it very soon.”

Pars United submitted a formal bid to buy both Dunfermline Athletic and East End Park on Tuesday (18 June 2013).

The fund-raising campaign called ‘BuyThePars’ was launched by Pars United, assisted by the Pars Supporters’ Trust and Supporters Direct Scotland.

Posted by: Aaron Gourley


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