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England's Champions League Clubs Make 126m

Thu 25th Jul 2013 | UEFA

England’s Champions League club’s shared over €126m between them according to the latest figures released by UEFA.

Clubs involved in the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League shared a total of €904.6m in participation, TV pool and performance-related revenue.

Manchester United were the quartet’s top earners taking home over €35.5m, whilst last year’s winners and this year's Europa League winners, Chelsea made €30m. Arsenal and Manchester City made over €31 and €28m respectively.

The two clubs that contested the 2012/13 final in London – German Bundesliga rivals FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund – each received substantial amounts reflecting their long campaigns and memorable contributions.

The financial distribution from the 2012/13 group stage onwards

Bayern, who were eventually crowned European champions after a 2-1 victory over Dortmund at Wembley in May, picked up a combined €55.046m in payments from UEFA. This sum consisted of €35.9m in participation, match and performance bonuses covering the group and knockout stages (including the final) as well as €19.146m from the television market pool. Dortmund earned a total of €54.161m, which comprised €32.4m in participation, match and performance payments, plus €21.761m from the TV market pool.

Within those amounts, €10.5m went to Bayern for success in the final; Dortmund collected €6.5m as runners-up. Other high earners from the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League were: Juventus (€65.3m), AC Milan (€51.4m), Real Madrid CF (€48.4m), FC Barcelona (€45.5m) and Paris Saint-Germain FC (€44.7m). The €904.6m in prize money shared around the 32 sides involved from the group stage onwards represented €495m in fixed amounts and €409.6m from the market pool. 

All 32 participants were entitled to a minimum €8.6m in accordance with the distribution system. Additionally, performance bonuses were paid in the group stage: teams received €1m for every win and €500,000 for every draw, and Dortmund (with four wins and two draws) and PSG (five wins) reaped the biggest rewards, of €5m apiece. The clubs that advanced to the round of 16 were each assigned an additional €3.5m, the eight quarter-finalists an extra €3.9m, and the four semi-finalists a bonus of €4.9m.

Monies from the market pool were divided according to the proportional value of the national TV market allocated to each individual club, among other factors. As a consequence, the amounts given varied from country (or national association) to country.

Clubs taking part in the UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds also netted solidarity payments and each of the 20 sides involved in the play-offs gained a fixed amount of €2.1m, irrespective of the result of their ties.

Posted by: Aaron Gourley

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