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Advanced Ticketing Achieves World Class Customer Satisfaction

Fri 26th Jul 2013 | Football Stadiums & Facilities

Customer satisfaction with Advanced Ticketing (formerly IRIS Ticketing), a leading ticketing and CRM software provider, has accelerated to its highest levels, according to the latest six month Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer survey.

Results show that 75 percent of TALENT (the business’s flagship solution) customers are now ‘promoters’ of its business, having awarded the company a nine or ten out of ten. This includes some of Advanced Ticketing’s longest standing customers such as Liverpool Football Club (FC), Leeds United FC and Chester Racecourse.

NPS is used by large companies as a measure of customer loyalty, customer engagement, and future business growth. Scores can range from -100 to +100 and those of 50 percent and above are generally considered best-in-class levels of performance.

From across its business in sports, arts and live music events, Advanced Ticketing has achieved a Net Promoter Score of 68 percent from TALENT customers. The score represents an increase of 17 percent over the last six months alone and follows three years of consecutive improvements since the NPS methodology was first introduced within Advanced Ticketing.

Reichheld, the designer of NPS, claims that only a handful of companies have achieved a Net Promoter Score of at least 50 percent, which he defines as ‘world class.’ Other businesses with this classification include; Apple, Google and Harley-Davidson.

Mark Dewell, Managing Director at Advanced Ticketing says, “We put a strong focus on customer service and partner with customers from day one to ensure success at all stages of our relationship, from implementation, account management through to ongoing support.

“This positive endorsement from our customers is a testament to the entire team’s focus on service. We look forward to consistently raising the bar so that we can continue to deliver the best customer experience.”

Examples of customer feedback:

“Ensuring our fans get a great experience when buying tickets makes TALENT a critical service for us.  The Advanced Ticketing team’s strong service ethic has regularly proven that any problems get sorted quickly and we avoid downtime for our fans. When you consider our unique summer sales when we can sell more than 90,000 tickets during a short period, this has to operate well and the team always works closely with us to make sure this is a success,” said a spokesperson from the Ticketing Strategy Team, Liverpool Football Club

"The team's account management service ethos is second to none. We have complete confidence that any issues are highlighted and resolved quickly which is naturally important from a day-to-day perspective. However, we also working with them strategically to ensure their TALENT solution is at the heart of our fan engagement strategy and we continue to be encouraged by their product roadmap which is aligned to our overall commercial priorities," commented Katie Holmes, Ticket Services Manager, Leeds United Football Club

“There’s been a close partnership with the TALENT ticketing team since I joined the club in 2007. My confidence comes in two key areas – firstly, the support that the team provides. Ticketing is a mission critical service for us and I know that when the odd glitch happens – even during out of office hours - we’ll get a response within five minutes followed by prompt resolution. Secondly, as new members join our team, they are up-and-running on the TALENT platform within half an hour, given its ease-of-use. Both areas are invaluable to me and extending our contract with TALENT is already very much on the agenda,” Mick Lamb, Ticketing Manager, Bradford City Football Club

“The TALENT support team has become an integral part of our team here at Burnley. Since we started working together over ten years ago now, they have delivered a strong customer services ethic, from initial implementation through to ongoing account management and support. At a strategic level, they work with us as a trusted business advisor to ensure we gain commercial value from the system. During technical projects such as our recent product upgrade, they’ll always go the extra mile to make things run as smooth as possible, issues get resolved and ensure there are no loose ends,”  said John Mathers, Head of Ticketing and Retail at Burnley Football Club.

Posted by: Aaron Gourley


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