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Relief At Last For Football Fans As Prices Fall

Thu 12th Sep 2013 | Money & Finance

The average cost of a ticket to see your favourite team has fallen by 2.4% according to the results of survey by the BBC.

The BBC Sport Price of Football study found that the average cost of ticket prices across English football’s top four divisions has fallen for the 2013/14 season.

The annual study - the biggest in British football - includes the prices of 164 clubs in the top 10 divisions, five leagues in England, four in Scotland and the Women's Super League.

Last year's study showed the average price of the cheapest ticket in English football had gone up by 11% - four times the rate of inflation.

But this year, average prices for the cheapest and most expensive matchday and season tickets were all down - as clubs in the Football League face up to an average 5% drop in attendances, from 9,949 in 2011-12 to 9,481 in 2012-13.

In the top four divisions of English football, the biggest fall was 2.4% for the cheapest adult season ticket category, down from £344.63 in 2012 to £336.23 in 2013.

The average for the most expensive adult season ticket also fell 1.6% - from £546.30 in 2012 to £537.60 in 2013. The average for the cheapest adult matchday ticket is down 1.9% - from £21.24 to £20.85. The average for the most expensive adult matchday ticket dropped 1% - from £34.11 to £33.81

In Scotland, the average price of the top flight's cheapest season tickets was 1% down. However, the average cost of the cheapest match-day tickets rose by more than 3%.

The study also found:


  • The most expensive ticket in English football remains at Arsenal, where a category A adult matchday ticket can cost up to £126. Their cheapest ticket is £26.
  • The cheapest adult season ticket in the Premier League is £299 at Manchester City. The most expensive is £1,955 at Arsenal, although this includes seven cup matches.
  • The cheapest adult matchday ticket in men's football is £7 at Albion Rovers - the only men's club to charge less than £10.
  • The average price for an adult matchday ticket in the Women's Super League is just £5.38.
  • The most expensive pies in British football are at Crystal Palace and Kidderminster, with both charging £4.
  • The most expensive cup of tea is £2.50 at Manchester United - the same as in 2012. Manchester City also charged £2.50 last year, but have dropped their price to £1.80.


However, despite the overall reduction in prices the average cost of the cheapest season ticket in the Premier League has risen by over 4%, from £467.95 to £489.11 in the past year. But despite this, Premier League clubs enjoyed record season ticket sales in 2012/13 and a similar pattern is expected this season.

Aaron Gourley, Deputy Editor at fcbusiness commented, “It’s no great surprise that prices overall have fallen.

“Last year’s increase of around 11% seemed to be the final straw for many fans and with attendances, especially in the Football League, falling it’s satisfying to see the cost has started to come down.

“For many years fans have been under intense financial pressure with the increasing cost of living, but despite this their appetite for football has not diminished and as we have seen, priced accordingly, fans will continue to attend football matches.

“Football clubs over the past few years have realised that they need to offer fans real value for money and the increase in fan engagement activity has been a key factor in trying to stop the decline.”

Mark Dewell, managing director, Advanced Ticketing, said, “It’s important to look beyond the headline ticketing price figures and understand what clubs are doing to engage with their fans. This includes rewarding loyalty as well as growing the overall supporter base.

“As a technology supplier that offers a ticketing commerce platform for clubs, what we’re seeing is demand for flexibility in ticketing packages and promotions. Clubs want to deliver a great fan experience and making it affordable with a variety of great ticketing offers to a broader range of people is important.

“This is especially the case to target families and younger members, as clubs have recognised how important it is to engage with the next generation of football supporters. Although price is an initial consideration, we know that it’s the whole match day experience that counts to encourage people to come back and become loyal fans."

Posted by: Aaron Gourley

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