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Advanced Ticketing Teams Up With TribeHive

Fri 28th Feb 2014 | IT & Technology

Advanced Ticketing (Advanced) is partnering with TribeHive, a technology developer that has delivered the first phase of a new solution for environments such as stadiums, where smartphones have limited connectivity.

TribeHive's patented software gives fans access to live content available on the club app when in the stadium and the app is running on their phone. Every fan with the downloaded club app is connected by the TribeHive technology and contributes to building a network directly between the phones in the stadium, distributing the live content between the phones.

The partnership between the two companies will give TribeHive access to supporter data held within Advanced’s TALENT Sport, the ticketing commerce platform for sports and live events. This integration will allow clubs and stadiums to market to supporters using the TribeHive app as a platform on which to offer personalised promotions and offers. The technology has already been successfully trialled with fans at Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club.

The first phase of the technology collaboration project will allow stadiums, where fans are using TribeHive, to introduce targeted marketing campaigns to drive commercial opportunities. For example, loyal supporters who live locally and usually attend matches but who haven’t yet purchased a ticket could be targeted with a last minute ticket promotion. Equally, if a supporter is in the club shop, they could be contacted to advise and/or remind them of a merchandise offer.

The second phase of the project will make use of the location services within the TribeHive app. The TALENT solution will be notified when a supporter arrives at a pre-defined location around the nearby vicinity or the stadium. TALENT will then send a targeted communication to encourage spend within the grounds, for example, an offer on refreshments. 

The TribeHive app overcomes the problem of poor smartphone data connectivity in crowded places. The app was developed by Dr Ian Wakeman from Sussex University an Enterprise Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and has recently been awarded funding and mentoring from the Royal Academy’s Enterprise Fellowships scheme to help drive commercial success. The funding will enable the furthering of the project to reliably deliver match-related content and social media feeds to football fans in stadiums.

Dr. Ian Wakeman, Managing Director at TribeHive, commented, “TALENT is one of the most widely used ticketing commerce platforms within British football and rugby.

“It provides the supporter profile data we need to ensure supporters can be targeted with relevant promotions to offer a return on investment for the club or stadium owner.

“The trial at Brighton demonstrated that the technology partnership works successfully in practice and we look forward to rolling this out at other stadiums and venues.”

Mark Dewell, Managing Director at Advanced Ticketing, sadded, “The TribeHive app is a smart technology innovation which delivers a powerful marketing channel when combined with the data held within TALENT.

"Fans get access to all the live content available on the club app, in addition to a range of tailored services that enhance the match day experience. It provides clubs with a new relevant and immediate channel to engage fans with targeted offers and reward them for their loyalty to the club. This unlocks the commercial value of the purchasing data held within TALENT.”

Posted by: Aaron Gourley 

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