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Qatar Football Opens To Worldwide Recruiting With Wyscout

Fri 12th Sep 2014 | IT & Technology

Qatar Stars League (QSL) opens up to international market and invests in technological development of football scouting and enhancement in club management.

In a landmark deal signed with Wyscout , QSL will use Wyscout 4 as the league’s official video scouting and player data software service.

Qatar clubs will now gain access to the world’s largest football database, that currently covers over 50 countries worldwide with over 200,000 players.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Harmi, the Chief of Competition and Football Development along with Miguel Heitor, Football Development Supervisor of the QSL, attended the press conference at Al Bidda tower where they announced the agreement with Wyscout’s founder and CEO Matteo Campodonico.

Mr. Al-Harmi’s intention was to bring the latest technology to Qatari clubs within a whole project of football development supplied by the company Wyscout. “It’s one of the biggest companies in the world for finding new talents and recruiting players,” he said at the launch.

The software means that any QSL club can log in and see current players from around the world. This agreement will directly help the clubs and we encourage them to use it to recruit new signings.

Wyscout has a comprehensive database and the power of the software is quite impressive.”  

Qatari clubs will join the online network of Wyscout 4, giving them easy access to European and international teams and agents through the platform’s online messaging service, making them part of the digital community of football professionals.

“In addition,” added Mr. Al-Harmi, “there are a lot of other useful features that the clubs will be able to utilise to their advantage, such as medical files, transfer news and the price of players.

“I should also mention that there will be three workshops to help explain the system to our clubs. The first workshop will start on the 15th of September in the Four Seasons Hotel; this is just the first phase of the project.”

Indeed the project includes comprehensive support. Wyscout will deliver to Qatari clubs full support for their improvement and development of the football league.

Matteo Campodonico, the CEO of Wyscout, said “When I met with Mr.Al Harmi and Miguel they showed me that this league has a long term vision, like top leagues such as the Bundesliga for example.

“This means we can develop a great and even more competitive league. Technology can improve the level of football. In football the level can change from year to year using best tools, this allows clubs not only to buy top players but create a truly competitive league.

“This package will be available to all 14 QSL clubs and create a fair environment for all.”

“The second phase of the project,” confirmed Mr Al Harmi, “will be to help promote our players here and abroad, we will be very happy to see this happen.

“We started initially to improve the level of football and in the future I think you will see the positive benefits for our clubs”.

Posted by: Aaron Gourley 

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