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Advanced CCTV Systems Support For Performance Analysis

Thu 6th Nov 2014 | IT & Technology

Have you ever had to stand out on rainy day holding a handheld camera to record training?

Creating a unique performance CCTV system, Central & County have integrated CCTV and performance analysis to create a HD IP system that can capture, archive and playback live footage.

Linking up with Sportstec & Bosch Security, Central & County have been able to integrate CCTV with their software to provide a system that all Football team’s can use at their training ground or stadium.

With our clients already including Leicester City FC and Brighton & Hove Albion FC, we aim to provide every football team with this high performance camera system.


Why Should Your Football Club Invest In This System?

• Capture Live footage straight to your computer or tablet

• Instant Playback, for coaches and players to review gameplay

• Easy offsite access for management and players to view their performance

• Code Live footage, thus increasing productivity within the department.


How Does The System Work?

• Live footage is transferred wirelessly from the HD cameras to the Bosch workstation, which can be viewed live.

• The Live footage will then be sent through to iCoda via HDMI from the decoder, this will allow the analyst to code live.

• Whilst recording, the footage can be achieved through the Bosch workstation or decoder.

• Thus the analyst’s being able to view the coded footage, for coaches and players to asses, through the Sportstec app.


“The ability to capture live footage directly into our Sporstcode analysis software allows us to pick out key training events in real-time, and also to archive all sessions for longer-term analysis of training,” said Andrew Blake, Leicester City FC Head Analyst.

Nick Harrison, Accounts Manager Sportstec added that the two systems are easily compatible as a reviewing tool, with great results already from both Leicester City FC and Brighton & Hove Albion FC.

Leicester City FC have significantly benefited from the system. They are able to review all training ground session’s from a technical and tactical viewpoint, whilst also being able to instantly review any player injuries that may occur.

Installing a high performance workstation in the analyst’s office allows for a main viewing point for, analysts players and coaches to review the previous training session.

Andrew added; “The fact that all of the cameras can be controlled from a central location, and can over numerous areas simultaneously, provides preferential viewing angles for filming, and also saves on the time taken to manually film every training session.

“Our training ground camera system has provided a number of benefits, from coaching, medical and sport science perspectives, which enable us to better monitor our players work during training, and this can only be of help in our preparation for matches.”

For more information, please contact Central & County Closed Circuit by emailing wayne@cccc.uk.com or call 01827 873 897

Posted by: Aaron Gourley 

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