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Football Crowdfund Looks To Help England Score A Winning Goaaal!

Thu 11th Dec 2014 | Football Stadiums & Facilities

Coinciding with the FA’s announcement of plans to change the England team’s DNA, a British inventor has launched a crowdfunding campaign to back a patented football goal invention.

To watch the video, click here

Open Goaaal could help nurture a new generation of young English football players.

Garden football is the source of most young players’ skills development, with hours of time spent shooting at a small plastic goal.  However garden football is often also characterised by fetching missed shots, damaging fences and angering neighbours. 

Consequently, it can lead to the development of bad shooting habits amongst young players or “shooting safe” as coaches call it; towards the middle of the goal to attempt to avoid the miss and fetch. This means many young players are get into the habit of shooting at the worst part of the goal instead of into the corners.

The invention of Open Goaaal puts a stop to this by surrounding the goal with a vast rebound net. If the ball misses, it simply rebounds straight back. The net is designed to help young players build confidence to shoot firmly and into the corners of the goal without fear of missing.

What’s even cleverer about the goal is that it’s suspended from a high wire above the garden. When the game is over the whole net and goal can slide out of sight like a curtain. With an easy storage function built in, parents are prepared to accommodate much larger goals than normal in their garden as the issue of the size of goal overwhelming the garden is removed.   

The launch of the Open Goaaal crowdfunding campaign and search for investors follows a switch from a locally sourced product to higher margin overseas manufacturing. It also coincides with a confirmed international licensee with very significant penetration in the fast developing USA market. The moves have transformed the company’s business model and in order to push the next stage of development, Open Goaaal has begun its first round of funding, targeting £150,000 of investment.

Jonathan Cowan, Open Goaaal Founder & CEO said, “We made a call earlier this year to enter the market with a more expensive locally-sourced product, rather than waiting a significant amount of time for a higher margin product sourced out of China. 

"The move to Chinese manufacturing will slash production costs by 50% and significantly boost our gross margin making it a very attractive prospect for investors without compromising on the quality or effectiveness of the product for consumers. We’ve also just signed a deal with an international licensee which makes now the perfect time to raise funds for the next phase of expansion.” 

According to recent figures from Statista, the 2012 value of the global toy market was estimated at US$84 billion. When combined with the fact that the football is the world’s biggest sport, and the garden problems Open Goaaal solves are universal, this equips Open Goaaal with a great platform for rapid international growth.

Since making its market debut, Open Goaaal has quickly won itself a place in back gardens across the nation with multiple appearances in the consumer press and positive reviews from the blogging fraternity. Safe, subtle and incredibly easy to use, the innovative products offers an intelligent and affordable solution to the woes of backyard football matches whilst promoting skills development that might just help those garden youngsters turn into the Ronaldo’s of the future.

Open Goaaal nets are priced at £139 for the standard size and £149 for the large size.

To find out more about Open Goaaal visit the website at: http://www.opengoaaal.com. To read more about the CrowdCube campaign or become an official backer visit:  https://www.crowdcube.com/investment/open-goaaal-17079  or watch the video: http://www.opengoaaal.com/pages/crowdcube

Posted by: Aaron Gourley 

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