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Champions League Quartet Generate €1.8bn

Fri 8th May 2015 | Money & Finance

This year’s four UEFA Champions League semi-finalists are four of the richest clubs on the planet generating in excess of €1.8 billion between them.

Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid generate €1.8 billion of income between them annually according to Deloitte and Forbes figures analysed by Ticketbis.net.

In a specially compiled report entitled ‘The Money Making’ clubs are also said to have a combined value of €8.474 billion. However, simply being the richest doesn’t guarantee absolute success on the field of course, with football’s biggest earners Real Madrid (€549.5 million annual income) having been beaten in the first leg of their semi-final tie by Italian champions Juventus, who earn €279.8 million a year.

Bayern Munich earn slightly more than Barcelona per year - €487.5 million, compared with €484.6 million – but the Germans were comprehensively beaten 3-0 by Barcelona at the Nou Camp in their semi-final first leg.

Real Madrid makes the highest profits of any club in the world, but it is Barcelona that made the biggest outlay for its star signings (Luis Suarez and Neymar cost more than €150 million combined) and that pays its star player the most – nobody earns as much as Leo Messi. The Argentine genius is said to earn around €65 million per year and he chipped in with two goals against Bayern to add to his value.

For current European Champions, Real Madrid their star player Cristiano Ronaldo is reported to earn €56 million per season and he will be aiming to chip in with more goals to turn around the Spanish club’s 2-1 deficit to Juventus in their second leg fixture on Wednesday (13th May).

The Ticketbis.net study also highlights that five of the richest ten clubs in the world come from the Premier League according to Deloitte, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, yet none of these sides were able to make it through to the quarter-final stages, let alone the semis, of this year’s Champions League.

Posted by: Aaron Gourley



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