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FC Barcelona Generates 1.2% Of City’s GDP

Thu 21st May 2015 | Money & Finance

The economic importance of FC Barcelona to the city of Barcelona has been analysed by Deloitte.

A report by the business advisory firm revealed the club generated 759 million euros in the 2013/14 season, which represented 1.2% of the city’s GDP.

The report also calculates that following construction of the new Espai Barça, the effect on GDP and employment in the city will increase by 9% on the present figures to 826 million euros and 16,628 jobs.

The study shows how the club boosts the economy, tourism, employment and tax income in Barcelona and is one of the city’s strongest assets, both in terms of income and direct, indirect and induced employment, as well as its capacity to mobilise agents whose spending thus becomes an additional source of wealth in the city.

The objectives and scope of the Deloitte study was been divided into three parts: evaluating the economic impact of the club’s activity on the city in the 2013/14 season, estimating the economic impact of the construction of the Espai Barça from 2017 to 2021 and calculating the impact of the Espai Barça’s activity once it is operational.

Apart from the impact of 759 million euros of GDP in 2013/14, it is noted that the construction of the Espai Barça will increase that figure by 21%, for the activity will generate 917 million euros of GDP and 18,523 jobs a year. Every euro directly spent in the city by the club generates 2.7 million euros in GDP.

The report highlights how the club also boosts tourism with 6% of visitors to the city stating that FC Barcelona is their main reason for coming. The club generates 1.3 million overnight stays in the city, equivalent to 54% of what is generated by the congresses, meetings and events sector, and mobilises 2.2 million supporters and 1.5 million visits to the Museum and Camp Nou Experience.

The club also generates 15,200 jobs, equivalent to 15% of unemployment in Barcelona, and that impact will be multiplied by 21% during the construction phase of the Espai Barça, to reach a total of 18,500 jobs a year thanks to the club’s activity.

Barcelona’s impact on tax income amounts to 219 million euros a year going into public funds. Every euro of direct expenditure by the club and its Foundation in Barcelona supposes 0.8 additional euros in taxes going to the public administration.

The study was presented at the Cercle d’Economia in Barcelona and the event was attended by president Josep Maria Bartomeu, Ana Andueza, of Deloitte and Salvador Alemany, president of Abertis Infraestructures and former president of the Cercle d’Economia, all of whom had words to say. 

Speaking at the presentation, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, said, “The details of our impact on the city offer a broader perspective of what Barça means to the city of Barcelona. Barça is one of the economic engines of our city.

“But what is most surprising is the impulse that will be generated by the Espai Barça, which is not only the most ambitious patrimonial project in the world of sport, but is also a demonstration of Barcelona’s capacity to innovate, set standards, lead and progress in line with future needs.

“Sustainability has always been the goal of this mandate and is a permanent objective for the future of our club.”

Ana Andueza, partner at Deloitte, added, “FC Barcelona has proven to be a veritable economic engine for Barcelona.

“Its capacity for spending on suppliers in the city, along with the mobilisation of 2.2 million supporters, is a sustained and very important support, most especially for the hotel and catering sector.

“If we analyse the club’s weight in terms of tourism in the city, 6% of people that come to Barcelona cite Barça as the main reason for their visit, which generates 1.3 million overnight stays a year. This is a major boost for the economic sectors associated to the city and generates and maintains jobs.

“What Barça does for the city will be increased by the construction of the new Espai Barça. With an investment of 600 million euros, it will contribute an additional 9% to the city’s GDP once it is complete, and during the four-year construction phase, it will generate 917 million in annual GDP.”

Posted by: Aaron Gourley




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