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Can Technology Revolutionise Sporting Teams With A Smaller Budget?

Tue 29th Sep 2015 | IT & Technology

Since the early 2000’s, money has been poured into the coffers of Software Engineers and Hardware Developers to enable elite sporting bodies and National Organisation’s access to large quantities of data.

This data is captured on Elite Athletes, like Olympians, to allow research and a better understanding of how, what, when and why athletes are successful.

This data breaks down the subjective and provides analysis reports on individual movements. Having this amount of data allowed sport scientist to come up with predictions and benchmarks for success.

In 2006, the Australian Football League introduced player tracking during training and games. This initially was providing insight and access for multiple players per weekend. The research allowed the games controllers to better understand the rigors of modern day football.

Having taken the unique approach to provide evidence-based science to improve the sport, the AFL then allowed and desired greater access to this information. Clubs, Players and Coaches started making decision on the back of these systems and over the coming years, the GPS unit and it’s systems became the norm on match day.

In 2015, this technology has filtered down to the lower budget teams and now the consumer. With Technology evolving and ever becoming lighter, smaller, less complicated and more affordable, SPT released the first sports analytics system designed for these teams in January.

Over the 2015 season in Australia, SPT has learned that there is a huge desire for In- Game GPS analysis for this category. State‐league teams and smaller domestic competitions have started adopting SPT’s Technology and are now training and playing ‘like the professionals.’

SPT have designed their software application called ‘GameTraka’ so that it is readable and has value for any athlete.

From the Elite to the Amateur, from the Coaches to the 12 year old youth development sides, GameTraka is the sports analytics tool for all teams and players.

Providing a location based analysis of your performance and comparing it to your teammates with the device allows for great benchmarking and key performance indicators to work out each other strengths and weaknesses.

The unit is extremely small (size of a thin matchbox) and even more lightweight (24grams) and is accompanied by SPT’s Vest.

The vest is made of a high-grade compression material with the perfect pouch to position the GPS between the shoulder blades on your back.

No longer does Sports Tech remain solely focused on the elite competitions. Now everyone can ‘become a professional’ for less than a $300 Aud.

“Train like the professionals Play like the professional’s“

Posted by: Aaron Gourley



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