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TopTix Gains Ground With Sports Clubs

Wed 16th Dec 2015 | IT & Technology

When Eli Dagan, TopTix Co-Founder and Head of Products began to envision the next evolution of the TopTix SRO (Standing Room Only) platform, he used the Olympic Games as an inspiration. 

“It’s true, our plan with SRO4 was to create the industry’s most flexible and robust ticketing platform for sports and entertainment. It just made sense to build a framework capable of supporting the world’s most massive ticketing event—a modern day Olympics Games—complete with multi-country currency and language processing, multi-location access control, and of course the ability to process thousands of tickets concurrently”, said Eli.

Over the past few years, thanks to the advanced functionalities of SRO4, TopTix has added dozens of football and rugby clubs from the UK, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Israel to its client roster.

Derby County Football Club selected  SRO4 following a detailed tender process in 2014 and quickly transformed its ticketing and marketing capabilities.  Brandon Furse, Head of Ticketing, Analytics and Technology gave the system high praise. "I am not aware of any other system in the UK sports market that has all the functionality required for football ticketing combined with the flexibility that enables us to configure and create functionality ourselves without being tied to a supplier’s timescales or resources. Focusing on on-line ticket sales alone we increased match ticket sales from 10% to 61% in the first year which is truly fantastic."

Peter Joyce, joined TopTix as Managing Director for UK Sport four years ago with a goal to penetrate the UK Sports market and establish SRO4 as a leading Ticketing solution in the market. Peter commented, “It has been fantastic to see the growth across the Sports vertical and we feel SRO4 is ideally suited to Sports Clubs and Venues. Our team have worked hard to deliver a quality product and a service that goes above and beyond expectations and we are delighted with the many client testimonials that indicate we are on track. The SRO4 rules engine which is at the heart of the system design opens up a whole new level of flexibility when selling events and our clients and their customers are enjoying the benefits.”

TopTix continues to attract the attention of sports clubs worldwide, helped by clients who provide favorable referrals not only for the dynamic SRO4 platform, but also for level of the support and service they receive from the TopTix team.

Jenny Gower, Head of Ticketing and Supporter Services at Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club who also selected SRO4 in 2014 said, “the implementation work from the TopTix Sport team has been of a very high standard and they have shown a real attention to detail and strong work ethic in meeting our initial go-live requirements and then demonstrating a strong partnership approach in planning new updates and enhancements as we progress. The selection of TopTix Sport has enabled the club to streamline lots of internal processes and take advantage of all SRO4 has to offer with a user friendly, modern and flexible solution that offers a single platform for the venue’s Ticketing and Customer Management needs.”

Another region that has achieved incredible growth with sports clubs is The Netherlands, led by SRO4 distribution partner ESB.TSB who has added an astounding 30 clients in the last five months alone.

Founder and Managing Director Desiree de Koning says, “the Dutch professional football clubs decided to work together to find and implement a new ticketing system. That is what works best for us: real collaboration.

So we have worked closely with the clubs and the Association together in this project. Now that all the clubs have launched, it feels like we have achieved the impossible. We’ve been launching a new SRO-user every three days. That’s extraordinary, even in The Netherlands.”

The endeavor by ESB.TSB into sports was a new chapter in their company history. But it turns out to work really well, says director De Koning: “The football clubs saw what we can do with dynamic pricing, fan marketing and data reporting. We have proven ourselves in the biggest music venues and theatres around the country.”

It has been a full and busy year for ESB.TSB. “Even though we were faced with an unprecedented challenge, my team didn’t give up”, says De Koning. “I am extremely proud of them. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve gotten even better at our jobs because of this experience. That’s a good thing for all our clients, including our cultural venues. That will make the difference in the future.”

As TopTix continues to make big gains with sports clubs across Europe, the company sees parallel opportunities with University athletic departments in the U.S. that have needs for a dynamic ticketing system with multi-event, multi-venue and alumni subscriber management capabilities.  

Image: Action Images / Carl Recine

Posted by: Aaron Gourley 



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