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Biggest Gambling Companies Listed On The LSE

Tue 30th Aug 2016 | Money & Finance

Being on the top is not an easy job, and what these gambling companies have achieved is worthy of respect.

They’ve become some of the biggest companies not only in the UK, but the world too. The gambling industry is almost a hundred years old, but thanks to the online gambling sector these companies have propelled themselves even further.

Some of the best and biggest companies can be found at CasinoShortList.org - UK online casinos and bookmakers site, and here in this article we will give a brief presentation of the biggest gambling companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

There is always something that sets these gambling companies apart. For example, William Hill is the company with the longest presence, Paddy Power are the controversial ones, while bet365 are omnipresent. Their ability to be innovative and to give customers more of what they want have been the main driving forces behind them.

The first gambling billionaires in the UK was the Coates family. Peter Coates managed to make bet365 one of the largest and most recognizable brands not just in the UK, but the world too. You can see bet365’s ads all over the world and the internet, from sites unrelated to gambling to football matches. It stands as one of the biggest gambling companies on the LSE in terms of employees, and its owners Peter, his son John and daughter Denise are now net worth more than £925 million, just 13 years after they founded the company.

In 2015 William Hill held the number one spot with a cap value of £3.93 billion, but it decreased to £3.71 billion in 2016. Until the merger of the two biggest gambling and betting brands such as Paddy Power and Betfair, William Hill was the biggest gambling company on the LSE. Now the number 1 spot has been occupied by Paddy Power Betfair PLC and its combined worth is estimated to be £9.10 billion, which makes it the most dominating company in the gambling industry at the moment.

Playtech, the popular gambling software provider, is another huge company on the LSE with a market cap value of £2.74 billion, which is an increase from 2015’s value of £2.52. If it wasn’t for the UIGEA act in 2006 which caused for a 40% drop of its value, Playtech would have been the absolute dominator of its sector.

A company that made a big ascent on the LSE is Unibet, whose value increased from £1.20 billion to £1.90 billion in 2016, thus entering the top 5 list of the biggest gambling companies listed on the LSE. Behind it steadily trails NetEnt with a worth of £1.50 billion, the provider that made a late boom in the industry despite being established in 1996. Together with Microgaming they dominate the online gambling sector with their games overflowing online casinos.

Betsson and Ladbrokes are right there on the top 10 list of biggest gambling companies listed on the LSE. If the Ladbrokes-Coral merger goes through and if it’s not derailed by William Hill, this new company would climb the top 5 list with a market cap value of £2.40 billion. This will open the door for 888 Holdings to re-enter the top 10 list.

Some of these companies have made their success story by being extremely controversial. Take Paddy Power as an example. This company is the record breaker for ad complaints for their bet advertisements. One of the most notable such controversial bets offered at Paddy Power was betting on the outcome of Oscar Pistorius’ trial. They even offered money back if he walked out free. I guess you can’t make it to the top without being a little cruel.

Posted by: Aaron Gourley 

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