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The DiscountIF Football Merchandise League

Wed 17th May 2017 | Money & Finance

Manchester United. Real Madrid. Arsenal.

These are football clubs first and foremost, but they are also some of the most recognised brands around the world. Football clubs are following others industries and increasing their visibility and investment in digital assets.

Real Madrid was recently the first football club to reach over 100 million followers. With the ‘heat’ intensifying on who reaches the 200 million follower goal, a London based start-up, DiscountIF, launched a scoring system to see which football clubs are best in capitalising on their digital reach.

DiscountIF’s unique scoring system ranks clubs across a range of digital metrics. The scoring analyses how football clubs vast audiences, convert to purchases on the merchandise store of the club. Lewis Holland, CEO of DiscountIF mentioned that We’re proud that DiscountIF has launched an industry first analysing clubs’ commercial performance in the digital space”

The scoring system was applied to the two top leagues in the UK, Premier League and The Championship for the duration of the 2016/17 football season to date. Manchester United would likely top the league if it were just gross revenue numbers. However, when it comes to efficiency in the digital space it’s West Ham who take top spot within DiscountIF’s Football Merchandise League, from the Premier League clubs.

DiscountIF Football Merchandise League - Premier League Top 5

DIF_11 (DIF_1.png)

As for The Championship, Leeds United, who invested a lot in their digital assets over the last season, have come out on top with the exact the same score as their Premier League counterparts, West Ham.

Leeds United’s Executive Director, Paul Bell, added that "having undertaken some significant changes to our on-line retail business over the last 12 months it’s great to see that these changes are now delivering the positive results that we had forecast. It's also pleasing to see that we've been ranked No.1 in this study and that our operation is recognised as a top performer within the league."

DiscountIF Football Merchandise League – Championship Top 5

DIF_22 (DIF_2.png)


To read the full report by DiscountIF please visit:



About DiscountIF

DiscountIF is an ecommerce promotions tool, servicing football clubs and other sports entities to improve commercial revenues. The company has won numerous awards for innovation, including the Leaders in Sport start-up of the year. The team is composed of an experienced team of leaders who previously worked on innovative digital platforms such as Betfair.

For more information visit www.discountif.com, or send an email on contact@discountif.com

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