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In Focus: Beovation - Fan Experience and Premium Seating

Mon 3rd Jul 2017 | Football Stadiums & Facilities

When fans flock to the stadium to watch live sports, they not only do that out of a love for the game and their team but also for the stadium atmosphere.

The thrill comes from the cheering, the celebrating and the unbeatable feeling of not just experiencing it, but also being part of the crowd that is actually creating it.

A powerful atmosphere in stadiums sustains the sport and attracts more fans who can help push their team to a better performance.

In a similar vein, for fans at home in front of the TV, the atmosphere inside the stadium plays a very important part in making the game enjoyable – anyone who has watched a game on TV where the stadium is sparsely populated will instantly agree.

However, the convenience of being at home in combination with high-tech entertainment systems keeps taking away fans from the stadium. Therefore, clubs and other owners of sports properties are forced to find innovative solutions to increase the comfort of the arenas to ensure fans attend

For this very reason Beovation, a recently founded start-up from Germany, has invented an easy and smart solution - a stadium seat cushion that is not only comfortable but can also be heated up as well as cooled down by using special hot and cold pads guaranteeing the ultimate comfort throughout the whole season.

As well as enhancing comfort levels, the seat cushion helps creating an even better atmosphere, as fans can completely focus on the game when the temperatures fall or riase beyond comfortable levels.

Beovation’s unique seating solution can be fully customised and is the ideal tool to extend the VIP areas without having to spend a fortune on new premium seats.

With the portable seat cushion any place in the stadium can be easily turned into a VIP area. Moreover, the premium seating package, consisting of the seat cushion and reusable pads, provides several options for promotional gifts with long-term use to extend the fan journey from the stadium to their homes.

The package can either be given away as a whole or only the pads thanks to their reusability and wide applicability.

For more information please visit: www.beovation.com

Posted by: Aaron Gourley 

If you have any football business related news stories you’d like to share then please contact us – agourley@fcbusiness.co.uk

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