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In Focus: ChyronHego: Global Leader in Sport Performance Technology

Fri 21st Jul 2017 | IT & Technology

ChyronHego has an unparalleled client list with league-wide deals across the biggest leagues in world football. They are the chosen supplier for both of UEFA’s flagship club competitions - Champions League and Europa League, and if this wasn’t enough to keep them busy they are also the chosen supplier for the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championships as well.

Having recently signed new deals with the Premier League, Deutsche Football League (for Bundesliga & Bundesliga 2) and with FIFA for 2018 World Cup, this cements ChyronHego’s status as the world No. 1 tracking provider, placing them at the forefront of technological advancement amongst optical tracking solution providers.

This exceptional success is built on the quality, accuracy and reliability of its award winning solution – TRACAB Optical Tracking. TRACAB capturing co-ordinate data at 25 times every second the system determines the position of all of the players (both teams), the referee and assistant referees as well as the ball. This data is then outputted live, providing real time X,Y and Z positional coordinates.

TRACAB data has become the foundation for clubs, federations, and broadcasters across the world allowing them to gain new detailed metrics to inform player and team performance. It is these outputs and the open streamed format of the data that are proving a real success and allowing for far more detailed interpretation of what makes up elite performance in professional football.

Sports scientists, conditioning staff and performance analysts use this data to make decisions on:

Player recovery protocols Training / match loads

Benchmark against previous performances

Benchmark against other league performers

Benchmark against league averages

Positional spatial awareness evaluation

Tactical team assessment

Player pressure values

Physical metrics in and out of possession

Interrogate data in ways that suit clients bespoke needs.


The TRACAB Portal will be implemented for the 2017/18 season, complete with league-wide benchmarking - a first within Premier League history. This will allow clubs unparallelled levels of comparison between team and player metrics. Never before have clubs had such a rich dataset at their fingertips.

Andrew Stone, ChyronHego sports performance manager said: “The TRACAB Portal will provide clubs with the ability to benchmark, in unrivalled detail, both their own performances as well as those of the opposition over multiple games and multiple metrics. Benchmarking will allow for a further level of analysis to be meticulously interrogated by clubs, providing them with a deeper and a more comprehensive analysis than ever before.”

Player readiness and well-being are key aspects of elite football and managing workload is becoming ever more important within clubs/federations. The ability to leverage the TRACAB data has become a cornerstone requirement for medical and conditioning staff, ensuring that players are in peak condition come matchday.

Working within a high performance industry demands that ChyronHego delivers on stringent service level agreements for industry leading clients covering over 4,500 games per season in over 300 venues; this is something that has become second nature to ChyronHego. The speed of delivery to broadcasters, clubs and federations enables TRACAB data to not only immediately impact performance on the pitch, but also within the media and commercial sectors.

Neil McIhargey, head of performance at Rangers Football Club, explains the importance and impact that the TRACAB data has within their working week.

“The physical data allows us to accurately look at the high intensity work of the players and specific training can be designed to meet match demands," he said. "Having XY coordinates allows us to look at team shape and where we can gain a competitive advantage by exploiting space, breaking lines… this can have an effect on where to press. The integration of tracking data into ChyronHego’s Coach Paint is absolutely world leading.”

David Eccles sports performance director, commented: “The synchronisation of video and data provides deeper insight into game contextualisation. By using the video and data in harmony it gives a much deeper insight into match performance and analysis.”

Broadcaster’s have also taken to using physical data and implemented it within the material they provide viewers with greater engagement and understanding of the physical demands placed upon professional footballers. Sky Sports and Monday Night Football in particular are advanced users of TRACAB data and ChyronHego’s telestration tool, Coach Paint.

The visualisation that Coach Paint offers is second to none and is a clear market leader within the broadcast and club telestration market. Coach Paint offers a seamless transition between both iOS and PC operating softwares enabling organisations to make the most of the software and use it in a variety of different ways across a variety of different departments.

The bespoke interface and multifunctional implementation allows for broadcast usage in a variety of sports with Monday Night Football being the flag bearer in professional football in the UK. The flexible and versatile interface can be seen from its use on Sky Sports in Golf, Cricket and Formula 1.

Due to its popularity in the broadcast market we have seen the use of Coach Paint within the performance environment revolutionise the way clubs present video to players.

Current Coach Paint clients include Premier League Champions Chelsea, FA Cup winners Arsenal, Champions League runners up Juventus as well as a wide variety of clubs across England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Israel, Qatar, America, Brazil, Argentina, and Thailand, as well many National Associations and the PGMOL. Due to its flexible nature Coach Paint is used within Rugby Union, Rugby League, NHL, NFL, and the MLB, and also as a building block of many academic institutions in both the UK and America.

The graphics presented through Coach Paint enable coaching staff and managers to clearly communicate tactical information with players, whether that be in a pre-match meeting with pre-prepared footage, live in a dressing room at halftime on a touch screen, or in a post match debrief.

Player development and the educational nature of Coach Paint enables it to work seamlessly within a player development pathway as well as within a performance based environment. The speed of clip creation and the professional nature of the outputs quickly engage with players. As touch technology has become commonplace within everyday life, players in academies as young as eight are able to benefit from their coaches and teammates’ feedback to complete the cycle of player development.

ChyronHego is a market and industry leader in both a high performance environment as well as the world of broadcast. Combining these demanding and challenging sectors has allowed them to push the boundaries and create cutting edge technology used across the globe. With a reputation for delivery and technological advancements that impact results, it is easy to see why they are the preferred choice of clubs, federations and broadcasters across the world.

David Eccles reflected on ChyronHego’s market position. “For me, one of the biggest achievements has been getting the buy-in from managers and coaches within clubs. It’s so great to see our sports performance tools having such a positive impact on the on-field performance of our teams. Football clubs are now looking at us asking ‘what’s next?’ - it’s great to be at the cutting edge driving forward technological innovation.” ■

If you require further information about ChyronHego’s TRACAB optical tracking solution or Coach Paint, please contact David Eccles on 07969 471 831  email: david.eccles@ChyronHego.com

or Andrew Stone on 07834 463 173  email: andrew.stone@ChyronHego.com.  



Posted by: Aaron Gourley 

If you have any football business related news stories you’d like to share then please contact us – agourley@fcbusiness.co.uk

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