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Birmingham City FC outline future vision

Tue 3rd Aug 2010 | Money & Finance

Birmingham City'sacting chairman Peter Pannu has reiterated the club's aims to grow from strength to strength under a sustainable framework.

In an exclusive interview with bcfc.com he explained how the hard work to enhance the squad, as well as the infrastructure off the pitch, will continue in earnest but that it will be done so with the long-term stability of the club in mind.

Yesterday sections of the national written media sensationalised Alex McLeish quotes about building for the future and implied in their story introductions and headlines that the Blues manager was putting pressure on the club's Board for money for players.

Putting the record straight, Pannu (pictured) said: "It's disappointing that certain papers have misrepresented a story. It's also lazy journalism as the quotes were simply taken from a Birmingham Mail story the day before and then spun and sensationalised.

"Our manager, Alex McLeish, works very closely with the Board and we are, of course, committed to taking this club forward on and off the pitch. We are working hard, day in, day out, to that end.

"All of us want to enhance the squad and we will continue to do so within the budgets the club has set that ensure a financially secure long-term future and work within the framework and spirit of the 'financial fair play' rules that are being introduced in football.

"We have shown we will spend money where it is required - since we took over at this club we have signed no less than Michel, Craig Gardner, Enric Valles, Nikola Zigic and Ben Foster.

"When you include salaries this represents an outlay of over £30million so I don't think we could be accused of not spending money. And, as Alex has eluded to in today's press, we have other situations that we are currently looking at with a view to making further signings.

"From what I have seen on the message boards from supporters the majority understand this entirely and know that to do something properly sometimes it takes time and a sensible plan. It's good that our fans don't believe what they read in a couple of sensationalised tabloid papers.

"We are all looking forward to the start of the new Barclays Premier League season, which is creeping ever closer, with excitement and anticipation and we're working hard to try and get more new faces in for when we kick-off against Sunderland on 14 August."

(pic courtesy of bcfc.com)

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