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Accrington Stanley FC management duo sign new contracts

Wed 13th Oct 2010 | Football Club Management

In an age when the average football club manager expects to be out of a job within 12 months, Accrington Stanley football club have offered their long standing management team new contracts.

John Coleman and Jimmy Bell will sign their new contracts on the pitch before Saturday's game with Rotherham United.

The deals, which will keep the duo at the club until 2015, were agreed last week and have now been returned by the League Managers Association in time for pen to be put to paper in front of the Stanley supporters.

Coley and his assistant have been at the Crown Ground since 1999 and are delighted that their futures are secure.

"The club know my feelings towards the town and the club," he said. "I wouldn't have been here this long if what myself and Jimmy did in the past hadn't been recognised. I don't think it's so much of a hands off to other teams as a reward for the service we've put in."

The management team have been linked with a number of vacancies elsewhere in their tenure, but Coleman thinks that's simply a testament to the club's success on the pitch.

"A lot of interest is dictated by how well the players do. You never get a manager who does well without players playing well and they're the ones who we try to focus on. We always try to heap the praise on them because we don't kick them off the line or score the goals. I'm always very much concerned that the players get the credit they deserve.

"I think we've got a good set of lads here now who were disappointed in themselves on Saturday and want to go on from there. If they keep playing well myself and Jimmy are going to get talked about."

A formal signing ceremony will take place ahead of the match with the Millers at around 2:30pm on Saturday.

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