Two way radio supplier Brentwood Communications has extended its relationship with West Ham United after securing a contract to supply the club’s physio and medical team.

The Hammers contacted Brentwood with a request to supply two way radio handsets for medical staff to use during away matches. They wanted a solution to provide seamless communication while games are in play, for example to allow physios to relay information back to the bench while they are treating an injured player on the pitch, helping to speed up decisions about substitutions and so on.


Coaching and medical teams have to make split-second decisions about player injuries during games, in the heat of battle and often with plenty of noise from the crowd to contend with. It is vital that information can get through when needed. Also, in the event of a serious injury, two way radio is used to organise treatment and movement of the player from the pitch.


At their home ground, the London Stadium in Stratford, West Ham staff use an installed stadium system for all radio communications. But these radios are restricted to use in a specific location, in and around the former Olympic park, and therefore cannot be used for away games.


The club wanted to buy its own equipment for away days so it always had a robust, reliable system for communicating from the dressing room to the touchline, or from the pitch to the dugout.


High performance

Brentwood previously worked with West Ham when it was hired to provide radios for the very first match at the London Stadium during the 2016/17 pre-season.


On this occasion, Brentwood provided the club with a set of Motorola DP3441 handsets. The DP3441 is a compact high performance digital model, part of Motorola’s flagship digital two way radio range powered by its groundbreaking MOTOTRBO technology.


Easy to carry and operate, the DP3441 packs in features which belie the fact that it can sit comfortably in the palm of your hand. One of the reasons we chose the DP3441 was the outstanding audio quality provided by Motorola’s intelligent audio technologies. With advanced noise cancelling, no matter how loud and hostile the away crowd is, the DP3441 will always deliver crystal clear audio so important messages get through.


The DP3441 supports private calling, so members of the medical team can communicate one-to-one rather than broadcasting across all devices, and it can be operated either via a prominent push-to-talk button or using the voice activated VOX setting. It is also water resistant, so there are no issues with it being used outdoors in all weather conditions.


Brentwood supplied the radios with a six-way charger and D-shape earpieces to further improve audio reception on match days. All equipment was delivered in a customised Peli case, kitted out so all the handsets and accessories fit inside, making it easy and convenient to carry to and from matches.


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