Reuters sports correspondent Simon Evans presents what is arguably the most revealing podcast to date since the return of Mike Phelan to Manchester United.

In this exclusive podcast, Phelan discusses his time out of the game, his fast-growing Twitter account @Mike_Phelan_1 and, amongst the genial fun on there, his references to leadership, alternate sports, and blue-chip company research.



He discusses the current crop of youth players such as Greenwood, Chong, McTominay and Pereira and explains how expression, freedom and a license for individuality are key ingredients to get the best out of, and ultimately, develop such players longer term.


Add to that the resurgence in performance from players such as Luke Shaw and Paul Pogba, both of whom, Phelan warns, are far from the finished article and that there is more still to come if they’re to become true Manchester United greats.


Phelan also talks about the culture of Manchester United and how this extends itself through the players, coaches, the training ground, stadium, and the wider business and how simple things done well and with a smile are often the cornerstone of a productive workplace.


Manchester United’s upcoming games against FC Barcelona are discussed with a focus on how preparation for a UEFA Champions League may differ from their Premier League preparations.


He also shows his appreciation of Barca’s talisman, Lionel Messi but urges Manchester United fans, and the wider public, to remember the Reds’ own perennial greats such as Ryan Giggs and Cristiano Ronaldo. 




Phelan closes the discussion with enlightenment on his research into elite sporting environments and how his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill was the catalyst to his own continued development. He explains how open-mindedness, communication, having the authority to make decisions, allowing talent to blossom and the genius of simplicity, are the cornerstones of great leadership.


Finally, he explains how having won the lot as a coach, the drive to achieve success once more is the real reason why he is back at Old Trafford.


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