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fcbusiness Partners - Football Supporters' Federation (FSF)

Who Are The FSF?

The FSF is the national supporters’ organisation for all football fans, comprising over 145,000 individuals and members of local supporters’ organisations from every club in the professional structure, and many from further down the pyramid.  We stand up for you, the match-going supporter. 


We are FREE to join, so there’s no reason not to go to www.fsf.org.uk/join/ to get involved.

If you’re getting a raw deal at home or following your team abroad, then the FSF is there for you, providing advice and assistance.  We want to know about and help sort out any problems when they occur.  More importantly, we work consistently behind the scenes with the football authorities, police and central and local government, to try and prevent problems before they happen.

The FSF campaigns on a number of issues, such as safe standing, ticket pricing and making sure supporters get a long overdue voice at football’s top tables.  But we’re not just about problems and gripes.  We celebrate all that being a football fan means to the game’s most passionate supporters, which is why we support events like WorldNET. The FSF is your best football mate.  We stand up for supporters.  We care about what you care about.

To find out more about us, of if you have any questions, visit our website – www.fsf.org.uk