Crowded™ – Let The Stadium Speak For Itself

Crowded™ utilises the very best in IoT technology to provide an accurate, cost effective pedestrian movement analysis solution that offers unprecedented, direct access to visitor behaviour and impacts decision making around visitor experience, crowd safety, evacuation modelling, revenue generation and facilities optimisation.


Through a network of CrowdedHUB sensors that incorporate device detection, thermal and 3D video and environmental measurement, and a simple online platform, Crowded™ provides up to date, automated analyses of the following:


– Visitor Volume

– Visitor Dwell/Queue Times

– Individual Routes

– Most Popular Routes

– Visitor Heatmap

– Busiest Zones

– Raw cvs Download

– Customisable Reporting


You can apply for a demo account where you can experience all of the end client functionality in the simple sign-up process, viewing projects and extracting reports.


If you are interested, contact us at and the team will be in touch to create you as a user.