When Football Is Not Enough – Gift The Sport of Kings

A Sport for Everyone


For people curious about horse racing, but the likes of Michael Owen or Mick Channon, joining a horse racing syndicate is the best way to dip a toe in the water. Race horse ownership was once perceived as a luxury that only the rich and famous or royalty could afford with the average cost of owning a good quality horse starting at £100,000 and monthly costs at a minimum of £2500 per month aren’t ready to dive in as deep as


But as the profile of horse racing increases, syndicates are ready to meet public demand. People join as individuals or invest with friends because, like football, the socialising and community spirit of the sport is one of the most rewarding parts of following it. The added experience and journey of being a racehorse owner only enhances their appreciation of the sport.


Buying into a horse through a syndicate allows anyone the chance to become a real contender in the horse racing world. It’s a more cost-effective way of becoming involved and opens horse racing up to almost anyone who wants to become part of this thrilling world.


The First Step


Football and horse racing will always continue to attract new fans and undoubtedly the cross-over between the sports will continue for many a year. Regardless of whether you’re young or old, an athlete or an academic; experiencing the exhilarating highs and lows that horse racing offers will mirror so much of what drew you into football. Both are perfect examples of sports love with both. that welcome all, and why so many fall in


For those wishing to try racehorse ownership, horse racing syndicate company Crowd Racing offers tiered levels of ownership, with options to suit all budgets. As a forward-thinking organisation, Crowd Racing is the first to provide shares in racehorses using the modern method of crowdfunding. By combining horse racing with crowdfunding, race horse ownership is available from Crowd Racing at a selection of levels which all offer a good quality share in a horse, with a range of benefits including stable visits, free entry to watch your horse at the racecourse, prize-money and regular information updates and videos.


Anyone, from the club receptionist to the CEO, can get involved at a level that suits them, at a price that is comfortable for them.


With Christmas around the corner, and birthdays, anniversaries and events throughout the year, Crowd Racing offers luxury gift vouchers as an opportunity for you to give the gift of racehorse ownership to someone special to you. After all, if top names in football are flocking to horse racing, then perhaps it’s a sport that’s worth exploring and a gift worth giving.


Find out how you can purchase a luxury gift voucher or a share in a racehorse in time for Christmas, contact: Craig Mckenna: or




Sport is about bringing together likeminded people in a fun, sociable and uplifting environment. By offering shares in our racehorses as a one-off payment with no hidden extras, Crowd Racing maximises your experience of ownership without the risk.

Ian Wright, one of our footballers-turned owners, recently enjoyed a hat-trick of wins ending at Kempton Park earlier this year. With a share in Crowd Racing racehorse Born To Finish the football pundit knows how thrilling the experience can be, saying: “It’s my first go at ownership and I’m in the group with people and it’s really nice when you’re with everybody; they’re all so excited about it because all have a little piece of him. A hat-trick of wins was unbelievable. It’s been such good fun.”

Since then, Born To Finish has won again.

A luxury gift With Christmas on its way, purchasing a Crowd Racing Gift Voucher is the ultimate luxury gift. If you’re buying for a special someone, or as a reward for your hardworking colleagues; gift vouchers suit anyone. You could even treat yourself for once. Whether they’re interested in the sport, or just want to enjoy meeting new people and having a new experience, gift them with a voucher and let them choose which racehorse they want a piece of. You can be assured it won’t cost them anything extra apart from a fantastic day out.

Horse racing already has a strong community of football enthusiasts who consider horse racing their second passion. We believe racehorse ownership combines the best of what football people look for – a thrilling roller-coaster ride of emotions with the added excitement of knowing you own a potential winner. We’ve just secured an agreement to send a horse to Michael Owen’s Manor House Stables, so our partnership with football will only get stronger. Why not share your love of both this Christmas with a luxury gift voucher from Crowd Racing?


Crowd Racing are delighted to offer readers of fcbusiness a fantastic 15% discount on all gift vouchers purchased before 14th December 2018.


To find out how you can purchase a luxury gift voucher in time for Christmas, with a great saving thrown in, please contract Craig McKenna, CEO on or visit for more information.