Solive is the leading social media publishing and monetization software creating real-time branded visual content simultaneously across all social media platforms and in any language for the sports industry.


Solive targets the rightholders, brands, medias and athletes.  Clients references include: Manchester City, Southampton, PSG, Lyon, LFP, LNR, Top14, Leinster, Harlequins, FormulaE, Euroleague…


Solive can be used for every sport, every social media platforms, every country in any language.


Solive boosts fan engagement by:

producing a greater quantity of content

creating and publishing in a few seconds

posting simultaneously across all social networks


Solive helps to reach international audiences by:

creating automatically translated geo-targeted content

empowering internal resources to handle international fan base growth

engaging directly the fans in their native language


Solive helps to monetize their social audience by:

integrating brand content on an attractive digital inventory

targeting regional sponsors through the geo-targeted variation of content

pushing marketing offers directly connected to a live game