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In our 24th year, TASC Software develop and provide data management systems. 


CURA our child and adult protection software is predominantly used in education and local authorities, designed alongside child service specialists, former police staff and personal experiences within the TASC team.  Understanding the need of safeguarding in sports, TASC released a Football Club version of CURA which is now successfully used by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.  Securely log, track, manage, refer, diarise meets and body mapping are just some features of CURA allowing staff to log ‘gut feelings’, concerns and incidents; a perfect resource for Safeguarding Leads in your club.


Chronological reports ‘evidence’ available for external bodies; police, children’s services and Football Association.


From grassroots to premiership level, there is a responsibility to safeguard anyone within your footprint; young to adult.  Behaviour changes, peer pressure, racism, abuse, manipulation, basic care, bullying…..the list continues. 


“Early intervention is key” – NSPCC


Contact: Jenny Urey

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Address: Creative Industries, Wolverhampton Science Park, Wolverhampton, WV10 9TG

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