Among the deals that have already been struck is bringing regular NFL matches to the new stadium, regarded as very much a visionary concept. “We have worked closely with [the NFL] throughout this project and their involvement will play a significant part in helping us create one of the most compelling venues for sports and entertainment in the world, right here in Tottenham,” says Levy. “We are building what we believe to be the foundations, literally and metaphorically, for the future of our club.


New Stadium will host NFL regular season games. (THFC)


“I think what excites me most is that this is more than just a football stadium. I think the bringing of Premier League games together with NFL is a totally unique experience, it is something that has never been done before anywhere in the world. I have put so much effort into trying to attract the NFL here, this is something for me that I think really will be something spectacular. Tottenham Hotspur as a football club is already a global brand, we are followed all over the world, I think for Tottenham this will make it more global.”


While Levy is loathe to blow his own trumpet – hence his reluctance to be interviewed at this stage about the new stadium – it is clear he is passionate about regeneration and about maintaining the club’s identity by incorporating part of the celebrated old site in the new stadium build, easing the fears of many fans who have been associated with Tottenham all their lives.


Adam Pettitt Head at Highgate School and Donna Cullen, Tottenham Hotspur Executive Director during the Official Opening of the Tottenham Hotspur London Academy of Excellence on November 23, 2017 (THFC)


“We are the oldest heritage asset that the area has,” executive director Donna- Maria Cullen explained to fcbusiness. “Our decision to stay in the area was therefore fundamental. You get to a position where you are so integrated into your community that to extract yourself would have a devastating effect. But what we are now engaging with goes so much further than just being a football club. I always describe it as a ripple effect. It’s an area of huge under-investment and it would be remiss of us not to take the responsibility, knowing what we can achieve, to help regenerate the area. What you will see is land values change and developers pay more attention to the locality.”


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