A Complete Guide To Online Slots Gambling

Online slots, as well as being a great way to unwind and kick back from life’s everyday stresses, offer the chance to win a life-changing amount of cash. Indeed, slots that offer 500 Free Spins at Wizard Slots are the most popular kind of online casino game and as they come with a huge range of fun features and action packed gameplay it’s easy to see why. 


There are plenty of slots variations too, with interesting themes and classic three reel slots to five reel slots, among others. Jackpot slots are also a great option if you’re looking to win some real life changing sums of cash. In addition, there are progressive slots and the more people who play those the bigger the payout. Read on for a complete guide to online slots gambling.


Slot Jargon Explained 

Perhaps you’re a newbie who’s yet to discover their scatters from their wilds, or maybe you’re a slots veteran yet to get their head around new features like cascading reels. Whatever your struggle with online casino terminology, we’ve got you covered. 


3 Reel Slots

Slots with three reels. Most of these will also feature three rows of symbols and usually the theme will be set with a retro slot machine source of inspiration in mind. 


5 Reel Slots 

This is the more standard kind of slots, featuring five reels. With five reel slots, you’ll usually find these feature either three rows or four rows of symbols. 


Scatters in Slots

Scatters are a big deal in the online slots world. The scatter is an important symbol in slots as it enables payouts in slots combinations wherever it ends up landing.


Wilds in Slots 

The wild symbol in slots will substitute for other online slot games symbols to help form more winning combinations. There are also sticky wilds in slots and multipliers attached to wilds in some online slot games. 


Cascading Reels in Slots 

With the cascading reels feature in slots, any winning combination will be replaced by other symbols. It helps you get more wins, as spins start again to accumulate more wins in slot games. 


Slots and the Online Casino Bonus 

Any good online casino offering slots will usually have a range of bonuses for players to choose from. These bonuses usually include a free spins offer, bonus spins offers, 500 free spins, the chance to win free games, no deposit free spins and more! There are two other kinds of bonuses to take advantage of: 


New Welcome Offer Bonus

New first-time online casino users will get bonuses awarded simply for joining that online casino, and the new welcome offer varies with each online casino. A new welcome offer usually gives out the biggest rewards and to claim, you simply sign-up. 


Other Casino Promotions 

Other casino promotions which are good to go for include deposit bonuses, which you can get by using a site-site-proffered banking method. PayPal for example, or making deposits over a certain amount. Now you’re all clued-up, why not head online and use this guide to make the most of slots today?