The Football Association has agreed a new set of corporate governance reforms which will meet and comply with Sport England’s Code for Sports Governance.


On Thursday afternoon, FA Shareholders ratified the new corporate governance proposals, which had previously received unanimous approval from The FA Board and Council. The majority of the approved governance reforms will come into effect from Thursday 27 July 2017.


On Monday 6 March, the Board showed its commitment to corporate governance reform by proposing various changes to The FA which will better serve the long-term interests of English football.


This followed a six-month review and comprehensive consultation with a range of shareholders and stakeholders including representatives of the National Game, the Professional Game, Supporter groups, the PFA, the LMA, Government and Sport England.


On Monday 3 April, the Council unanimously agreed the reform proposals and on Thursday 18 May they were officially ratified after a Shareholder vote at The FA’s Annual General Meeting, held at Wembley Stadium.


“This is a significant moment and a very positive step for The Football Association,” said Chairman Greg Clarke.


“Good corporate governance is essential for any successful organisation and these new reforms have the interests of football at their core. They will benefit all of English football.


“This is a good start but we don’t just want to be compliant with the Sport England’s Code for Sports Governance, we want to go beyond that. Our aim is to make English football For All and a more inclusive and diverse game.


“This has been a collaborative process from the start and we could not have done this without the full support of the Board, the Council and the Shareholders. 


“We have all come together for the good of football and I am grateful for the help, encouragement and advice of all stakeholders within the game.”


Image: Action Images / Carl Recine Livepic