Aberdeen Football Club’s efforts to build a new stadium have taken a big step forward after planning permission was granted by the city council.

The decision means work can now begin on the 20,000 capacity stadium  and training facility at Kingsford which has been held up because of protests over the development of the site which lies within a Green Belt.



Speaking of the council’s decision Aberdeen FC chairman, Stewart Milne, said: “This is yet another piece of good news in our long-running saga to secure badly needed training and community facilities.


“We are really excited about letting contracts to local companies for the work and getting started on site. Despite claims by the objectors, we will be going ahead as we are confident that our plans have gone through the proper channels and democratic process.


“It’s now clear from planning and legal experts that the objectors cannot stop these plans. At best, they could hold them up for a matter of months but ultimately our plans will go ahead.


“The courts won’t entertain a challenge that is just based on the development being in the Green Belt. The objectors need to argue that the process of permitting the development was flawed and, even in the unlikely event that is upheld, the Club and the Council will simply go through the planning process again, correcting any procedural error and the outcome will be the same.


“It’s only right and fair that those donating or making pledges to their cause are fully aware that their money cannot prevent these plans and will simply fund a pointless exercise that will drain Council resources and potentially damage the region’s reputation as a place in which to invest.


“Our aim is to work constructively with the local communities to be a good neighbour and to ensure we deliver the best sports facilities for local people and the best training facilities for the Club.”