Brentford & Fulham Face-Off For Football’s Biggest Financial Prize

Brentford and Fulham will go head to head on Tuesday (4th August) in the most valuable match in world football.


According to analysis from Deloitte’s Sports Business Group, promotion to the Premier League for either club will see an increase in revenue of at least c.£135m, rising to c.£265m if they avoid relegation in their first season in the Premier League.



This year’s Play-Off final sees Brentford seeking to play in the top flight for the first time in 73 years and would benefit more significantly from the win, alongside champions Leeds, due to the fact they do not currently receive Premier League parachute payments.


Their opponents, Fulham are currently in receipt of parachute payments, following relegation in 2019, therefore forgoing any future payments upon promotion to the Premier League.


According to Deloitte, Brentford and Leeds can expect a minimum revenue uplift of c.£160m over three years, if relegated from the Premier League after just one season.


This is a combination of extra revenue they will earn from playing in the Premier League in 2020/21 (at least an extra c.£85m, mostly from central broadcast distributions) and parachute payments in 2021/22 and 2022/23 should they be relegated in 2021 (totalling c.£75m across the two seasons*).


Given that Fulham would forego a second parachute payment if promoted to the Premier League for 2020/21, their minimum revenue uplift would be c.£135m.


Promoted clubs surviving their first season in the Premier League could see this figure rise to at least c.£265m, from a second season of Premier League football alongside the guarantee of a third year of parachute payments.


In the last 10 seasons to 2018/19, 19 (63%) of the 30 clubs promoted to the Premier League have avoided relegation in their first season. Last season was the first in five years where the Championship winners did not avoid first-year relegation.


Tim Bridge, director in Deloitte’s Sports Business Group, said: “The financial prize for Brentford or Fulham, as well as Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion, is likely to be in excess of £265m if they survive their first season in the Premier League.


“Furthermore, given the recent impact of COVID-19, it is likely that the financial impact of promotion will be better received than ever before. The increased revenue provides these clubs with the platform from which they can develop on and off the pitch.”


Bridge adds: “Promotion to the Premier League provides clubs with the financial resources to make strategic investments. While this typically includes increased expenditure in on-pitch playing talent, it still remains important that promoted clubs are committed to their longer-term financial responsibility.”


Imagge: PA Images