Could Amazon Become A Real Challenger For The Premier League TV Crown?

From goal-line technology to VAR, a host of innovations have emerged in recent years to have an influence on how matches play out.


However, it is undeniable that modern systems are also affecting matters away from the pitch, with streaming technology, in particular, becoming a key player in the football world.



Huge impact

The ability to stream media to a range of devices has had a transformative effect on so many different industries and areas, with many of us for example now watching a host of video content on platforms like YouTube.


It has also become the norm for gamers to watch their favourite personalities and stars in action on Twitch, while another area affected by the rise of video streaming is the online casino industry. Providers like Betway now offer ‘live casino’ experiences, which gives players the chance to go head-to-head with real dealers via a video link. Available across a host of platforms, the games often give those involved the chance to communicate with the dealers via a live chat function.


Of course, streaming has also become intrinsically linked to how many of us watch films and TV shows, as well as listen to our favourite music. While hugely popular services like Netflix and Spotify are big players in each of those worlds, Amazon also has a hand in both thanks to its Prime Video and Amazon Music offerings. Furthermore, the power of streaming means they have also made news headlines as a high-profile new entrant in the world of football broadcasting in recent months.


Growing presence

As we have touched upon elsewhere on the site, the retail and technology giant has in recent years secured the rights to broadcast a bundle of Premier League matches from 2019 to 2022.


Amazon’s first batch of matches were shown in December last year, while it is also entering the fray once again in the coming weeks after picking up further games. Intriguingly, sites including the BBC have revealed how the organisation intends to make its four upcoming fixtures completely free-to-air, meaning supporters will not need any form of membership to access them.



The company’s move into the world of Premier League rights comes after it has become heavily involved in tennis coverage in recent years, while its football interests also extend beyond the UK as well. According to Digital TV Europe, Amazon recently extended its deal to broadcast some Bundesliga football in Germany and Austria.


More to come?

The company’s decision to actively explore sports broadcasting is clearly an intriguing development. Amazon is a global powerhouse, with Statista stating that the organisation’s consolidated net revenue reached more than $280 billion in 2019.


With that in mind, it will be fascinating to see if the brand seeks to expand its footballing interests further in the coming years. Sky have dominated Premier League coverage in the UK for decades, while BT Sport has had an impact recently too. However, Amazon and its streaming capabilities could well have what it takes to mount a significant challenge going forward.


Image: PA Images