Do You Have Aspirations To Lead A Sports Organisation?

A Highly skilled Chief Executive is now increasingly regarded as the key to sustainable success for a sports organisation.



Coaches and Sporting Directors grab the glory for a day out at Wembley, a season in the Premiership rugby sun or a big rugby Super League triumph.


But ask the fans of Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United, Saracens or the Bradford Bulls just how quickly the joy can turn to heartbreak, anger and regret.


The spotlight on their now discredited win at all costs culture correctly addresses the performance of the CEO, the individual tasked in law with managing above all else in the organisation, its financial long-term health.


It is largely accepted that the core leadership skills of high performing CEOs are portable but that alone is not seen as enough by the key recruitment agents. Industry specific knowledge is a prerequisite to secure that first key position.


VSI Executive Education’s CEO of a Sports Organisation is widely regarded as the ultimate fast track education programme to acquire these skills.


Delegates are fast tracked through the core knowledge required to succeed in the sporting boardroom and of equal importance the company delivers access to a truly global network of industry professionals, many of whom can unlock the door to that big life-changing opportunity.


Sport is belatedly engaging in the type of transparent recruitment process that have long been the norm for mainstream industry and references from the company’s key partners could just make the difference.


What our delegates say: CEO of a Sports Organisation candidate – Nicky Butt 


Company founders Tony Faulkner and Andrew Mcintyre have been pioneering elite executive education for nearly a decade and pride themselves on meeting industry demand for programmes that are vocational and delivered by high profile professionals who have themselves performed with success in both the boardrooms of sport and business.


Mcintyre, said: “We make no apology for the face that this programme is NOT an accredited Masters or MBA programme. They have their place in our portfolio of learning but delegates on the CEO of a Sports Organisation usually don’t have the time or appetite to engage in the production of assignments and lengthy dissertations.


“They want immediate takeaways that allow them to function better immediately in their existing position and they enjoy kind of finishing school experience that allows them to refine their existing skills to equip them for operating successfully in the world of sport.


Faulkner, adds: “The learning is intense but our delegates are also attracted by the opportunity to engage with our alumni in this country and our network in the USA.


“We will be hosting programmes at David Beckham’s Inter Miami, MLS base in January 2022 and will also be working from properties at Atlanta United, New York Red Bull and Toronto FC.


“You can’t put a price on the value of being able to meet share knowledge with such a unique, eclectic group of leaders that we are proud to include in our alumni.”


Mike Rigg talking to delegates on CEO programme with Tom Sears of Kinsey Sears Recruitment


VSI first made an impact on the executive sporting map with a Master’s Degree for Sporting Directors.


Faulkner concludes: “International owners, in particular, were desperate to find executives capable of running their sporting departments far more efficiently than was then the case.


“The programme was a big success and now the industry message is that we urgently need more highly skilled CEO’s. This programme is driven by satisfying that requirement.” 


Contact VSI Director Tony Faulkner at tony@vsiee.com to arrange a discovery call to learn more about the programme delivered in Manchester starting January 2022


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