FC Augsburg has kicked off the 2018/19 Bundesliga campaign powered by the award-winning sports science technology company, Kitman Labs.

The Bavarian club, an ever-present force in Germany’s top league since their 2011 promotion, will use Kitman Labs’ Athlete Optimisation System to harness objective insights from their data so staff can drive performance and reduce injury risk across the team.



Using the cloud-based platform and mobile apps, the club’s medical and performance staff monitor player health and performance in real-time, helping them to make informed decisions about training sessions or player loading.


Rehabilitation and Athletic Trainer for FC Augsburg, Andreas ​Bäumler,​ has praised the introduction of Kitman Labs, saying the system has helped to increase communication between staff and players.


“​Now staff have a strong base of information which we can use to approach an athlete and create a meaningful conversation about their well-being or performance,” he explained.


When asked how FC Augsburg’s new partnership with Kitman Labs would enhance their campaign this season, the athletic trainer replied: “Our goal for this season is to remain competitive against the top teams. To do this, we needed to be smart about what investments we made, we needed to ensure that it would not only maximise our current resources but it would also benefit player performance.


“That’s why we invested in Kitman Labs. It allows us to capture all the data we are collecting on our athletes, such as game, training and injury diagnostics, automatically collating it into one centralised view for an easier analysis.​ ​Not only is data collection easy, the calculations on Kitman Labs’ dashboard save a lot of time and help us to understand and plan individual loading for our athletes, week to week.”


FC Augsburg, unbeaten in their opening two Bundesliga matches, are the latest in a long line of elite sports clubs across the globe to join forces with Kitman Labs, which has offices in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and Silicon Valley, California, USA.


“We are very excited to partner with FC Augsburg and bring our Athlete Optimisation System into Germany’s Bundesliga,” said Stephen Smith, founder and CEO of Kitman Labs.


​“In the Bundesliga, games are played with an almost unparalleled intensity, which can be challenging for teams when it comes to managing players’ injury risk and recovery. I believe Kitman Labs will be an invaluable tool to support FC Augsburg’s campaign, helping them to balance risk with the intensity required to compete each week.”


Kitman Labs works with over 150 teams and 35 sports leagues across five continents, and the company’s systems are available in 30 different languages – including German. Other football clients include EPL clubs Everton and AFC Bournemouth, Scottish giants Celtic and Rangers and MLS teams LA Galaxy, Houston Dynamo and Minnesota United FC.


For further information, visit​ ​www.kitmanlabs.com​ or follow @KitmanLabs on Twitter.