FC Barcelona Set To Open Up Membership Registrations

FC Barcelona’s Board of Directors has agreed to launch a new campaign with the aim of making it possible for any fan of the club to become a member.



The launch of the new campaign will make it possible for any fan of FC Barcelona to become a member, without any type of restriction.


The move comes in response to the wishes of many of the club’s fans who, until now, could not become members of the Entity.


Until now, only those people who had a first or second degree relationship with a member; those that, previously, had already been for two consecutive years; those who had an antiquity of three years as peñistas, or who had the commitment card during this same period could be members of FC Barcelona.


All these requirements are to be eliminated based on the principles of democracy and universality, liberalising the entry of members into the club from all over the world.


The Board of Directors will submit to the Assembly of Committing Members a proposal to modify the Club’s Statutes that provides for the option of being able to register as a member digitally.


Image: FC Barcelona