Today sees the launch of the new fcbusiness Suppliers’ Directory 2018.

Some of the leading companies in football from Business Services to Travel and Training Camps are listed in the 84 page booklet.


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The fcbusiness Suppliers’ Directory is a comprehensive guide to the companies and service providers that have helped deliver and shape football business at all levels in 2017 and into 2018.  


fcbusiness Editor, Aaron Gourley, said: “For any fan of football, 2018 is going to be an interesting year. With the World Cup heading to Russia for the first time, it’s a step into the unknown but one which – if like previous tournaments in South Africa and Brazil – will offer a unique glimpse into the cultural aspects of this vast country.


“And it’s these cultural nuances that make football across the globe so unique. Football is a simple game but cultural differences both on the pitch through the diversity of the players and the fans and the atmosphere they generate make football what it is.


“These differences make it such a saleable asset and why investors from across the globe have staked vast sums of money in football clubs. The Premier League is one of the most valuable in world, the UEFA Champions League continues to grow revenues and the expansion of the MLS in the United States with David Beckham at the helm of its latest club in Miami shows no sign of abating.


“It’s often thought that football has reached the limits of its potential but as we have seen over recent years, we’re still only at the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath is vast body of hidden opportunity as football expands in to new markets and attracts new fans.


“So while for many of you the world may seem out of reach, by being here and now you are part of this incredible and increasingly valuable sports marketplace. Opportunities exist for those brave enough to reach out for them and fcbusiness will help place you in the vast network that is football business.


“I hope you find this directory a useful point of reference for all your club, league and association’s needs.”


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