69% of football fans have no confidence in FIFA according to a poll carried out between Transparency International and Forza Football.


The poll of 25,000 football fans in 28 countries by Forza Football on behalf of Transparency International shows the level of mistrust fans have in world football’s governing body following a series of corruption scandals and allegations.


However, 50% of respondents said that FIFA had a chance to restore its reputation but 43% said the scandals are affecting how they enjoy football.


FIFA’s member associations are set to gather in Zurich on Friday to elect a new President but 60% of respondents to the poll said they would not choose any of the current candidates standing in the FIFA presidential election this week.


Launched ahead of this vote, the anti-corruption group, Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report: Sport, is an in-depth report looking at why sport has become so corrupt and what can be done to stop it.


“As fans we have a love affair with football. When our teams win we are ecstatic, when they lose we are devastated,” said Cobus de Swardt, managing director of Transparency International.


“But when results – whether of games, or rights for hosting events, elections, etc. – are driven not by fair competition, but by corruption, we feel betrayed,” he added.


“Sport should be a force for good in the world but the latest scandals not only in football, but in athletics and tennis, have exposed just how vulnerable it is to corruption. This must stop now.”


Gareth Sweeney, editor of the Global Corruption Report: Sport, said: “Public trust will only be restored in FIFA, the IAAF and the world of sport if large-scale reforms are not only implemented, but are seen to be implemented transparently.


 “FIFA should take this message to heart. Unless it acts more fans will turn away from football. The trust levels are low but the fans will give FIFA a chance if it acts now,” said Sweeney.


Read the report: The Global Corruption Report: Sport 


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