The following is a guest article by the CEO of DiscountIF, Lewis Holland.


The other day I attended a talk by one of the founders of Gett taxi app (they are probably no.2 or no.3 after UBER/Lyft), and he referred to a book he read about Zappos. They are a multi-billion dollar company that spent ‘ZERO’ on marketing. How did they do it? They excelled in creating WOW moments for their customers.


Football clubs are great at creating these moments on the pitch, however on the commercial side of things it’s not quite the same picture. As much as football clubs don’t like talking about it, ‘discounting’ retail prices is found EVERYWHERE on football club merchandise stores. We’ve been analysing data for most UK football clubs and monitoring their email communications, and the figures are astounding.


However, what are the triggers clubs need to use to keep fans coming back?

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